Translation of amusement in Spanish:


distracción, n.

Pronunciation /əˈmjuzmənt/ /əˈmjuːzm(ə)nt/

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    distracción feminine
    entretenimiento masculine
    entretención feminine Latin America
    what do people do for amusement around here? ¿qué hace la gente aquí como distracción / para divertirse?
    • I play the guitar, but purely for my own amusement toco la guitarra, pero solo como pasatiempo / para entretenerme
    • I did not write to you for entertainment, or amusement, or to lord over you the fact that I am a lady.
    • I was too busy giving thanks for the meal, for the piercing strangeness of truffles, for the rich amusement of the evening.
    • It was a centre for recreation and amusement to the members of the Air Force.
    • When the leisured classes took to skis, though, they did so first for amusement, then for sport.
    • Barbados is an island rich in forms of entertainment; songs and dance are the chief forms of amusement.
    • Sturdy scholarship, not idle amusement, is what the book is designed to deliver.
    • Perhaps we should regard his mock battle with him as a harmless diversion, a little fireside amusement for the masses.
    • Such outfits are rarely worn, however, except in association with festivals or for the amusement of tourists.
    • Baggy drag makes no sense at all for a sport played by women for the amusement of other women!
    • Its population peaked at around 66,000 in the 1930s, when the city's beaches and amusements provided much-needed escapism from the Great Depression.
    • Life provides plenty of unnecessary amusements for her, and I admit I've always hoped I could provide her with some sense of stability in the staggering dynamicism of her life.
    • One of his amusements as an adult seems to have been to speculate about such things as frogs falling from the sky.
    • The innocence, the quaint amusements, the delightful boardwalk, the lack of Voodoo Juice - it's all got a pure magnetism none of the other towns can match.
    • Allied to the sweltering heat, the top class entertainment, amusements and facilities added to the successful event.
    • Women wore black for at least a year and the family was supposed to stay away from amusements or other pleasures for six months.
    • The weekend will be a real family outing with lots of entertainment and amusements for children.
    • The evening will include entertainment, refreshments and amusements in a safe environment.
    • Fashion and amusements come with English as their medium of communication.
    • This is the week to get involved in sports and amusements like music or cinema.
    • The eighteenth century will for ever be associated with the amusements of a fashionable oligarchical society, represented most notably in the prime of the first of the great spa towns.
    • The discussion whether they took him seriously or if he was only some kind of exotic amusement for them fills many books.
    • ‘She was an amusement, nothing more.’
    • Then came the awkward moment when Kathleen realized what she was: an amusement afforded Margaret by her latest dry spell.
    • She is an amusement to those she encounters.
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    diversión feminine
    they watched in amusement miraban divertidos
    • I can see no cause for amusement no le veo la gracia
    • to our great amusement or much to our amusement, the chair collapsed under him para nuestro gran regocijo, la silla se le vino abajo
    • They do what they want to do and have a great time to the amusement of the public - young and old - to the accompaniment of music and lights.
    • A lamp post intervened much to the amusement of the watching public and chagrin of the cameraman.
    • The incident happened at 1pm yesterday in Whitebirk Road, Whitebirk, Blackburn, much to the amusement of his three colleagues.
    • The first thing I had a go at was the wellie-boot-throwing competition… much to the amusement of all the local farmers - and Anna.
    • Anyway, noses all a-tingle at the prospect of a nice juicy story, we followed in hot pursuit, much to the amusement of passers-by.
    • She sang to a captivated audience and when it came to her final song from Carmen she coyly sat on a gentleman's knee to the amusement of the audience.
    • Having invited her on board for a chat, he refused to let her go until the bus had driven a mile down the road, much to the amusement of his hysterical team-mates.
    • There I stayed to the amusement of the class, unable to get up.
    • We gave our new dictionary a work out to the amusement of the staff.
    • So, to the amusement of his wife, colleagues and parents he dons his new uniform twice daily, five days a week.
    • Wearing a long white robe he jumped and danced as a large black snake tried to take a bite, all to the amusement of his audience.
    • He flicked it on and off, to the amusement of their classmates.
    • During play whenever he tried to run, which was not very often, he found his trousers sliding down to his knees, much to the amusement of the spectators.
    • To the amusement of the class, we grunted and cursed each other out of the sides of our mouths as we both tried to get through the door.
    • I attempt to give Sam a mange bath once a week, and much to the amusement of the neighbours, Sam yelps and drenches me with water.
    • Cassandra looked on in amusement, glad for the momentary diversion.
    • He's showing no more interest than before, except for a spark of amusement on his face that's impossible for me to miss.
    • A deep chuckle emitted from Kyle, showing his amusement at how quickly I could be distracted.
    • This is definitely a source for endless amusement in my book.
    • Both parties being well-known in the town, there was considerable interest evinced in the case and some amusement over it in court.