Translation of amusement arcade in Spanish:

amusement arcade

sala de juegos recreativos, n.


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    sala de juegos recreativos feminine
    • My dad has his own business running an amusement arcade in Essex, my mum is a bank cashier.
    • Plans for an amusement arcade were put on ice due to anti-social behaviour in the area.
    • The owner of an amusement arcade wants to turn its basement into a children-only games room.
    • Eleven extension leads were bought from a local hardware store and it was plugged into a seafront amusement arcade.
    • We managed to get some cute photos and Tommy enjoyed a quick walk through the amusement arcade and all the flashing lights.
    • A proud father today praised his daughter for fighting off a man who tried to pick her up by her legs and carry her out of an amusement arcade.
    • Over the years, their locations spread from the amusement arcade into pubs and by the 1950s into wine bars and restaurants.
    • A food hall the size of a rugby pitch, an amusement arcade, a cinema and a shopping complex are among the temporary facilities
    • A youth who helped steal a chalice from an amusement arcade appeared before Burnley Magistrates for the second time in as many days.
    • Police are hunting a man who attacked a ‘vulnerable adult’ moments after being thrown out of an amusement arcade in Bridlington.
    • On offer is everything the fun-lover would expect to find in a western theme park, right down to the hamburger bars, popcorn stalls and a large amusement arcade.
    • The clink and jangle of the amusement arcade caught my ear, and I joined other eager gamblers throwing good money after bad in the name of pre-flight entertainment.
    • Committee members said they were pleased public consultation had been used to plan the valley but suggested a better look be taken at the plan to close down the amusement arcade in the corner of the site.
    • Strong arguments were made for reasons why there should not be an amusement arcade in Kildare Street, including that it is proposed within a designated conservation zone.
    • I also imagined my parents receiving their card from the children and taking pleasure in reading about the four seals we saw playing in the sea and the many hours we supposedly spent in the amusement arcade.
    • The amusement arcade comes with bowling alley, video games, snooker parlour and kiddy rides while about 75 per cent of an entire floor is earmarked for food courts.
    • The town centre partnership is fearful that an amusement arcade will set back the recent regeneration activity.
    • The mock Tudor lodge at the entrance had opened a few years earlier and the floral hall housed concerts, operas and vaudeville acts, with an amusement arcade added to the entrance in 1954.
    • At the moment it's just a link between the theatre at one end and the amusement arcade at the other.
    • When they are not cutting the grass, watering the flowers and generally making the site look spic and span, the many staff are manning the restaurant, bar, shop, takeaway, mini amusement arcade, gym and swimming pool.