Translation of amusing in Spanish:


divertido, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈmjuzɪŋ/ /əˈmjuːzɪŋ/


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    (person/story) divertido
    (person/story) gracioso
    (person/story) entretenido
    I don't find it very amusing no le veo la gracia
    • the amusing thing was that … lo gracioso / lo divertido / lo entretenido fue que …
    • what an amusing little hat! ¡qué sombrerito más gracioso!
    • Are you here because you want to be wowed by my amazing writing skills and entertained by my amusing descriptions of the quirks of the world?
    • Sorry about the lack of light hearted and amusing posts recently.
    • It wasn't much of a movie, but had a slightly novel concept and some amusing things to look at.
    • It's a stream of consciousness one man play about a man with a bucket on his head and is amusing and interesting rather than riotously funny.
    • But it does have the amusing benefit of pulling out randomly entertaining figures and presenting them as charts.
    • Mary hid her laughter; she knew of the amusing masquerade that the two were carrying on.
    • Jared finds this amusing, so I hang up on him as the laughter peals through the phone line.
    • The barefoot bass player was most entertaining as he hammed it up with his amusing stage antics.
    • Declarations of love and lustful interest can often be both amusing and embarrassing simultaneously.
    • If you're really interested in this as more than just an amusing news item, check the post out.
    • The film is essentially about two women's desire to conceive and the amusing situations that result from this.
    • Invariably, the play is enacted at home, perhaps in front of parents and siblings who might find it all very amusing.
    • Along the way he meets a variety of outlandish and amusing animal characters, each of which has its own distinctive style of dance and music.
    • I made this little quiz and I thought you might find it amusing.
    • There was an incredibly amusing interview with the cast a while back with some more about the deleted scenes.
    • It seems that guys brag about it all the time, which I find to be quite amusing.
    • So the amusing photo that doesn't look anything like me is up instead.
    • The concluding item was an amusing sketch which took everyone by surprise as the finish was wholly unexpected.
    • The speeches can sometimes be awful but his was very amusing.
    • It is in appalling taste and naturally I therefore found it very amusing.