Translation of anal in Spanish:


anal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈeɪnl/ /ˈeɪn(ə)l/


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    • No cutaneous, ocular, anal, rectal, nasal, or oral mucosal lesions were demonstrated on thorough physical examination.
    • It is girdled by the external anal sphincter, a striated muscle structure that is part of the pelvic floor musculature.
    • The diagnosis is made by examining the anus and anal canal, and it is important to exclude more serious causes of bleeding, such as colorectal cancer.
    • The cushions are suspended in the canal by a connective tissue framework derived from the internal anal sphincter and longitudinal muscle.
    • The bimanual examination should also include a rectal examination to check anal sphincter tone and, for fecal impaction, the presence of occult blood or rectal lesions.
    • Hair is found on all parts of the skin except the palm and sole, and the oral, anal, and urogenital orifices.
    • If you have experienced bleeding from the anus, your GP will examine the anal canal and lower rectum using a small tube.
    • Other infected sites may include the pharynx, anal canal and urethra.
    • Rectal examination is essential if the medical history suggests a disorder in the lower abdomen, pelvis, lower rectal or anal region.
    • At such a time, continence is maintained by the voluntary contraction of the striated muscle of the external anal sphincter.
    • Some cases of piles respond to stretching the anus, under anaesthetic, which is thought to relieve the spasm of the anal sphincter and so reduce pressure in the anus.
    • The external anal sphincter is composed of skeletal muscle.
    • Continence depends on functioning muscles and nerves in and around the rectum and anal canal.
    • They work by relaxing the muscle of the internal anal sphincter.
    • Sitting or squatting straightens the angle between the rectum and the short anal canal.
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    • As with other aspects of my life, I'm capable of being rather anal about pleasure: I will go here, I will do such-and such, with so-and-so, and I will enjoy myself.
    • We all know about wishful thinking, about denial and defence mechanisms, repression, narcissism, Freudian slips and the anal personality.
    • I am simply not anal or autistic enough to beat the people who really love this game.
    • A friend of mine has a theory that everyone is either an anal, obsessive Bert or a laid-back Ernie.
    • I'm so anal about timekeeping that I almost experience physical pleasure when I get it spot on, which is 99% of the time.
    • The anal paranoia that struck many parents and school administrators has diminished, and schools remain lax about security.
    • Freud himself, as one might expect from the character sketch given in the first chapter of this book, concentrated upon anal traits.
    • Because these egotists possess a certain anal personality, they summarily reject people who are often valuable assets to any company.
    • Have other people described you as being anal?
    • I'm so anal, I am not satisfied that one person said ‘That's not what anal means’ I have to take the next step and explain it.
    • He's being anal about ‘Chinese Democracy’.
    • I am neither strong nor anal about the ‘group system’ which, incidentally, and frankly, I think is quite a mess.
    • There can only be one anal person in the group, and the word ‘anal’ doesn't exist in AJ's vocabulary.
    • Why am I so anal about writing HTML and not using tabs or spaces in my code?
    • His semi-aristocratic origins and gnomic utterances, his appearance and personality (staring eyes, middle-European name, cyclic and anal personality, withdrawal into northern isolation), are striking.
    • I know he is anal about his research from past years, so it would be a good place to start.
    • Being anal about it is a disturbing and somewhat disgusting image.
    • Plus, I didn't know you had to be anal to conjugate a verb.
    • I'm a mixture of untidy and anal.
    • Companies are anal about their files, but they should be anal about search.
    • It could be demonstrated that creative thinking in science is closely connected with a specific reparation mechanism common in the anal stage of development.
    • Or we can think of the anal stage of development as an attempt to control biological urges with the new surging power of symbolic meaning and mastery.
    • On the psychic level, as I have tried to demonstrate by analyzing the central joke as if it were a highly condensed, overdetermined dream image, it involves a regression to the anal stage.
    • The anal stage (which Freud says has a lot to do with toilet training) is associated with expelling things, with learning boundaries between inside and outside, and with aggression and anger.
    • The goal of the present project is to empirically establish behavioral correlates of what is referred to in the analytic literature as the ‘anal stage’ of libidinal or psychosexual development.