Translation of analog in Spanish:


análogo, n.

(British analogue)

Pronunciation /ˈænlˌɔɡ/ /ˈanəlɒɡ/


  • 1formal

    análogo masculine
    the Creation story has its analog in many other cultures la historia de la Creación tiene versiones análogas en muchas otras culturas
  • 2

    computadora analógica feminine
    ordenador analógico masculine Spain


  • 1

    (cassette/display) analógico
    (watch) analógico
    (watch) de agujas
    • Boxes are required to translate the digital binary code back to analog signals for viewing.
    • The CODEC then converts the digital FM audio signal into an analog waveform for conversion to sound.
    • For example, analogue computers represent physical quantities using ‘continuously varying’ voltages.
    • The DSL signal is an analog signal in the bandwidth of 80 KHz to 1.1 MHz.
    • A D / A converter circuit that converts a digital signal to an analog signal within a short period of time.
    • A digital-to-analog converter converts the digital signals into analog signals.
    • In another aspect, in a device such as a printer, an encoder system method initializes the system without converting analog signal levels into corresponding digital values.
    • Today, with the proliferation of fiber to the home and fiber to the business, the conversion of digital voice into analog signals can be handled inside the subscriber's building.
    • Segments of the binary number are thermometer encoded and complemented to provide signals to drive analog conversion circuitry.
    • A detector detects a digital sample of the recorded analog signals as corresponding to one of the maximum likelihood states.
    • ADC provides a single cable through which power, USB connectivity and both analog and digital video signals can be passed from Mac to monitor.
    • I could get an analog signal but not HD, supposedly due to a software conflict.
    • The interface produces an input signal in response to the analog signal.
    • To think that's an analog TV signal model that's going to continue the way it is now is not right.
    • This could throw out plans by the Federal Communication Committee to switch off the analogue signal some time around 2006.
    • Modulation involves raising or lowering the frequency of the carrier wave in proportion to the analogue signal.
    • Broadcasters will be able to try to leverage retransmission consent of their analog signal to get cable operators to carry their complete digital signals.
    • The so-called analog, one-channel version of television will soon be as archaic as a 1950 Studebaker.
    • A German photographer decided to test how a high-quality inkjet print would compare with a high-quality analog print.
    • The issue is that at present there is little or no way to stop people copying music into a digital format from an earlier analogue version of it.
    • Now I watch the second hand on my analog clock swoop around with the tiniest of pauses, and I wonder how it will look after another thirty years goes by.
    • Apart from the dubious analogue stopwatch that blights the top of the dashboard, the SCP includes a fortified ECU map that allows 10 seconds of over-boost on full throttle.
    • This was the famous Philips 1500 model, made in Austria, with the piano key controls, analogue clock and top loading.
    • He noted the white, square, analog clock that was hung from above the wall of is station.
    • The old electric analogue clock stopped at the moment it hit the floor, reading 8: 57 am.
    • What was the point of having a super-expensive analogue watch that was accurate to within half a second every twenty years, if that half a second was probably wrong?
    • We'll take steady progress and a genuine analogue clock instead.
    • Somebody's analog watch was sounding very loudly.
    • I already have a nice analog watch for dressy occasions.
    • An analog clock face hung on the wall across from me.
    • He held a staff, which was adorned with a large analog clock.
    • There's good advice in this thread about shoes, belts, a nice analog watch, and a good-looking bag for your stuff.
    • It was an analog watch and it wasn't even a normal one at that.
    • On the wall across his desk sits an analog clock, a bloodless white against the deep red painted background.
    • Wincing as a sliver of pain traveled down his body, he looked over to the little analog clock set beside the desk lamp.
    • They have software to turn the face into an analog clock.
    • In analog clocks, it's usually a knob that allows you to turn the hands yourself.
    • He'd never been very good with analog watches and it always left him with a moment of panic to see the hands in a new configuration.
    • One feature that seemed to be no more than a drain on the battery was the analog clock.
    • No buttons should be used under water and the crown of an analogue watch should not be pulled out when the watch is wet.