Translation of analogous in Spanish:


análogo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈnæləɡəs/ /əˈnaləɡəs/


  • 1

    (situation/position) análogo
    to be analogous to sth ser análogo a algo
    to be analogous with sth ser análogo a algo
    • The question of democracy is in a number of respects analogous to slavery.
    • This is analogous to the law relating to the fire services and quite close factually to Alexandrou v Oxford.
    • The moral of that is if we've got a silicone system which is analogous to us in these respects we ought to treat that system as a person too.
    • This is considerably easier if one can show that the nature of the right claimed is analogous to that of some existing easement.
    • It is suggested that hazardous duties are analogous to combat situations in important respects.
    • Counties tend to adopt newer technologies that are analogous to the technology they move away from.
    • The act of defining combatants is analogous to the military concept of choosing the terrain of battle.
    • In Director, the stage is analogous to the outermost or whole cinematic frame.
    • We are already seeing video on demand, analogous to renting a video without traveling to the store.
    • The proposed system is analogous to the one used for music on the radio, where music stations can play what they like provided they pay the agreed fee.
    • In Reader's Block Markson sets up relations that are analogous to both writing and dying.
    • Using a fantasy woman to extract myself physically from the island is analogous to breaking up and finding someone new.
    • What gets masked over is analogous to Cage's idea that what is not heard is just as important as what is heard.
    • For this reason, the present situation is not analogous to the 1926 situation.
    • While information may be analogous to facts, knowledge is what the body makes of these facts.
    • He sees the current disease-mapping race as being analogous to the activities of old world explorers.
    • Religious writers saw God as being present to the individual in a way that is analogous to the presence of light in the act of seeing.
    • This pattern seems analogous to the struggle for a viable business model for the Internet.
    • This isn't exactly analogous to getting bad service at a restaurant or club.
    • Paint, ink, paper and canvas are transformed by faith into something analogous to living creatures.
    • This could involve the expression in a yeast mutant, which is defective for an analogous transport system.
    • An analogous role is played by the PAM complex in mitochondria.
    • There was no homology between sequenced clones and analogous repeats in potato IGS.
    • An analogous operational definition holds for the heritability of derepressed cells.
    • Some analogous alkyl nitrites, such as amyl nitrite, are known sensitizers in humans.
  • 2

    (organs/parts) Zoology análogo
    (plural) Linguistics analógico