Translation of analysis in Spanish:


análisis, n.

Pronunciation /əˈnæləsəs/ /əˈnalɪsɪs/

nounplural analyses

  • 1

    Biology Chemistry
    análisis masculine
    to carry out/perform an analysis (of sth) llevar a cabo/hacer un análisis (de algo)
    • analysis of food/samples análisis de alimentos/muestras
    • Electrochemical techniques are also widely used in chemical analysis.
    • Crude chemical analyses identify the rock type as resembling the Earth's ocean floor rather than the Earth's continents.
    • This protein poses interesting questions for those who deal with the detailed analysis of protein structures.
    • The initial structural analysis suggests a detailed rupture mechanism in the aqueous solution.
    • The team relied heavily on the finite element modeling and analysis to define the structure and the suspension system.
    • The shift to decompositional conceptions of analysis was not without precedents, however.
    • Eventually, data from this program will permit a more direct analysis of the process described here.
    • According to one group of researchers, this process of analysis is carried out in seven steps.
    • My old friend and libertarian colleague Leonard Liggio then came up with the following analysis of the historical process.
    • By a process of task analysis we need to understand much more about what makes a simulation realistic and effective.
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    análisis masculine
    literary analysis análisis literario
    • syntactic/sentence analysis análisis sintáctico/de la oración
    • on closer analysis, I think we should … tras haberlo analizado más detenidamente, creo que deberíamos …
    • Although this prevented a detailed statistical analysis, the events could still be characterized.
    • A more detailed analysis of the structure and concepts of Jo and Gwan can be found in the next essay, by Salia Male.
    • The task lists resulting from statistical analysis of those surveys were examined to answer the study questions.
    • The statistical analyses and their detailed explication will be most appropriate for researchers who share this particular academic niche.
    • In fact, globalization is often not part of the detailed analysis of the case studies given as examples.
    • Funding for the project was based on the sale of detailed survey analysis and reports to interested airlines.
    • The citizens' responses to four questions in the World Values Survey questionnaire have been taken up for detailed analysis.
    • The basic case study entails the detailed and intensive analysis of a single case.
    • I just can't bear to read the detailed analysis, let alone the actual report, of an enquiry into a very narrow and arguably esoteric event.
    • The ability to provide instant access to detailed background analysis and comment pieces brought more depth of coverage than other media could provide.
    • A more detailed analysis shows that there is no difference between the perceptions of men and women with regard to their personal safety.
    • This grant will help provide much needed assistance for detailed technical analysis to help build a new Unified Revenue Agency.
    • Tough new guidelines would require teachers to carry out a detailed risk analysis that would effectively end any spontaneous bathing or paddling.
    • His detailed analysis is leavened by gag after gag.
    • Mr Darling has said that that the location of some cameras might have to be re-examined after the publication of today's detailed analysis.
    • The Rake points to this very long, very detailed Paul Auster analysis that I too will have to read later.
    • It will also enable more detailed analysis of the effects of environmental exposures on health, using routine data.
    • Its most recent detailed analysis of the economy suggested that relative poverty worsened during the period of the Celtic tiger boom.
    • No one knows how much it pumps into the economy - a detailed financial and visitor analysis will follow this year's festival.
    • To implement it would require a lot of detailed analysis, including integrating it with the benefit system.
  • 3

    psicoanálisis masculine
    análisis masculine
    they've both been in analysis for more than a year hace más de un año que se están psicoanalizando or analizando
    • This is the same effect as can sometimes happen to us in the course of an analysis or a therapy.
    • Moreover, it is also possible to imagine that a different psychoanalyst would be able to conduct an analysis with this patient.
    • The analyst interprets without due regard for the analysand or the analysand acts without regard for the analyst or the analysis.
    • It has already been noted that Freud, when conducting an analysis, was ‘curiously impersonal’.
    • Here the analysis of dreams and the analysis of the transference become indispensable.