Translation of analyst in Spanish:


analista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈænələst/ /ˈan(ə)lɪst/


  • 1

    Biology Chemistry
    analista masculine, feminine
    food analyst analista de alimentos
    • Proposals have been unveiled which are designed to improve the standard and conduct of analysts.
    • There are many reasons why most journalists, analysts, TV pundits and even the pollsters got it so wrong.
    • A Radicati analyst posted responses to the criticisms under a pseudonym.
    • Hong Kong Disneyland is also recruiting for a business systems analyst, a tax analyst and a duty engineer for the Disneyland hotel.
    • John L. Keane is an environmental analyst for a large public power and water system in the Phoenix area.
    • The implicit view in recent comments by analysts is that industry will remain under severe pressure as global competition hots up.
    • The protests, the criticism by analysts and the outright opposition by many students to the new fuel price policy were expected.
    • Private security analysts observe the mansion is still very vulnerable to attack in a country awash with guns.
    • The analysts and critics have all been outputting their views as to the reason why the West Indies came out of the game with such distinction.
    • The first time many Pembrokeshire farmers knew a pipeline might be crossing their land was when surveyors and analysts turned up unannounced.
    • Were the finals drawing the attention of writers and analysts?
    • You know it was an oral debriefing so you have CIA analysts who might have interpreted it in different ways.
    • You are amongst the most experienced and talented political observers and analysts as well as governor.
    • But the scheme, when it was announced in the early part of the year, drew immediate criticism from analysts.
    • It's brief statement Tuesday was closely scrutinized by analysts, who said they were surprised by its mild tone.
    • The claims of seemingly legitimate analysts posting commentary online could not be ignored.
    • There have been many answers given by various analysts and writers.
    • The media and various analysts usually only comment on problems that are being talked about by the President or her aides.
    • Brooking, 55, already an MBE, is one of the most respected analysts and commentators on the game.
    • That would really test what analysis and analysts are worth.
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    (of data)
    analista masculine, feminine
    political/financial analyst analista político/de inversiones
    • market analyst analista de mercado
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    psicoanalista masculine, feminine
    analista masculine, feminine
    • The tool the analyst needs is her psychoanalytically trained selfhood to access the selfhood of the other.
    • Since the analysand comes to the analyst because of pain, the role of the psychoanalyst in my book is naturally the relief of that pain.
    • The contempt that some analysts show towards other approaches to psychotherapy is inappropriate.
    • Not only does one have to be concerned about individual analytic tools, but one also has to factor in the psychology of the individual analyst.
    • They then feel that when they interpret out of a greater receptivity to this, there is more conviction for the analyst and for the analysand.