Translation of anarchist in Spanish:


anarquista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈænərkəst/ /ˈanəkɪst/


  • 1

    anarquista masculine, feminine
    • They were made up of socialists, republicans, anarchists, revolutionary syndicalists and Catholics.
    • There were four anarchists on the Military Revolutionary Committee which organised the insurrection in Petrograd.
    • Simply put, it gets the public even more fearful of anarchy and anarchists.
    • So the anarchists and direct action types like Warcry have been left to lead the charge.
    • Like libertarians, anarchists believe that morality is a matter of opinion or personal taste.
    • This logic was embraced by both anarchists and populists, and imposed a number of strict conditions on the behaviour of terrorists.
    • However, I've never really been convinced by the abandonment of democratic methods of some anarchists, for example.
    • Many anarchists and syndicalists supported the revolution and he was keen to win them over.
    • Thousands of riot police will be lining the streets amid fears that either anarchists or terrorists will attempt to disrupt proceedings.
    • Not all these plots were the work of anarchists and Socialist Revolutionaries.
    • If all the people who were left wing anarchists really stood together for once and refused to vote, what would happen?
    • Such views do not differ essentially from the arguments used by anarchists during the time of Marx and Engels.
    • Italian anarchists are believed to be behind the campaign.
    • Tomorrow in particular could be the day when anarchists attempt to bring violence and destruction to the streets.
    • In the USSR, most anarchists turned into Communists after the Russian Revolution.
    • Five anarchists had been executed in 1886 for allegedly inciting the Chicago Haymarket bombing.
    • Committed anarchists can judge his account of their views.
    • They are asking people to demonstrate on 2 July at the same time as the police are claiming Edinburgh will be overrun by anarchists.
    • The cops, checking my ID, find that I'm on a list of possible anarchists - they decide to search my car for drugs.
    • According to the news report the anarchists joined up and ‘infiltrated’ the peaceful protest.