Translation of anarchy in Spanish:


anarquía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈænərki/ /ˈanəki/


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    anarquía feminine
    • If the world is thought of in terms of anarchy then power politics will be seen as the solution to the problem of insecurity.
    • He presumably wants public anarchy funded by socialist tyranny, but that is another issue.
    • In hundreds of pages they endeavoured to show just how democratic centralised Soviet anarchy was supposed to be.
    • Opposed is the apparent liberalism, individualism and anarchy on offer in a postmodern world.
    • I think direct democracy or anarchy may in fact be more subject to abuse than the representative type of democracies held up as the ideal now.
    • The economic anarchy of capitalist society is the real source of the evil.
    • It means seizing the factories and offices with the aim of replacing the anarchy of the capitalist market by democratic planning.
    • In his book, Max Barry seems to be making the point that anarchy is not freedom.
    • On Tocqueville's account, then, freedom of association and a free press do not promote anarchy.
    • Many suppose that tyranny and anarchy are at opposite ends of a linear spectrum.
    • As ways of organising a society go, I can only justify democracy and anarchy.
    • In other words, international anarchy based on sovereign states is a system of freedom for groups.
    • To adherents of realism, anarchy is the defining feature of relations among states.
    • Maybe anarchy is the only way, in moral if not practical terms.
    • It kinda seems an oxymoron but thinking about it, isn't anarchy just extreme liberalism?
    • Under this bill, anything you'd write or say in favor of anarchy could land you to up to ten years in prison.
    • There are only two alternatives to a fair election, anarchy or dictatorship.
    • Or maybe Dr. Chaos really is the last hope of anarchy, and it's all a big lizard plot?
    • Now the human rights dilemmas of the twenty-first century proceed more from anarchy than from tyranny.
    • This law never came into being as even the Nazi leaders realised that this law would create social anarchy.
    • When you have people losing trust in the system it leads to anarchy.
    • Fail to control domestic anarchy and the economy becomes a laughing stock.
    • If the politicians don't come up with a fairer alternative to the current system, then anarchy is what we'll have.
    • I am not quite sure why it has avoided sliding into anarchy - the controls seem very lax.
    • This shift, from control to anarchy, also extended to Meirelles' directions for his actors.
    • The emerging system may look like anarchy to us, and it certainly looked like chaos to all the old civil servants in Germany.
    • He thought that if this system crumbled then anarchy and tyranny would prevail.
    • The very idea of being able to control anarchy denies its nature.
    • David Bedein paints a picture of growing anarchy and chaos as Abbas steadily loses control.
    • Meanwhile, a revolutionary insurrection by a disaffected Kentish mob threatens to bring anarchy to London.
    • He kept a diary of the events of the next 14 months as a first-hand witness to the chaos and anarchy of the Russian Revolution.
    • What does it mean that there is anarchy in the international system?
    • We cannot afford to have such traffic anarchy and chaos on our roads.
    • Clowns are, in a sense, anarchic, but they also have to be sensitive as to where they create anarchy and chaos.
    • Iraq is not a problem because of guerrillas, but because of anarchy and lawlessness.
    • There was anarchy, chaos, gangs of armed and brutal thugs, panic, starvation and horror.
    • Rebels advanced on the capital which erupted in anarchy and mayhem as armed gangs looted and fought each other on the streets.
    • If not repaired now it may become irreparable, and there is the danger of anarchy and chaos in India too.
    • Consider the unprecedented scenes of anarchy and chaos that engulfed Britain last Monday night.
    • This is cultural chaos and online anarchy in the service of the baying mob.