Translation of ancestry in Spanish:


ascendencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈænˌsɛstri/ /ˈansɛstri/


  • 1

    ascendencia feminine
    of Hungarian ancestry de ascendencia húngara
    • of noble ancestry de noble linaje
    • to trace one's ancestry hacerse el árbol genealógico
    • A criollo in Argentina is a person or a family descended from Spanish ancestry, in other words, no added mixture of non-Spanish blood.
    • Many of these families traced their ancestry to the earliest English settlers of this country's oldest fishing port.
    • My father's family traces its ancestry there back 900 years.
    • The Davis and the Somes families traced their ancestry to Cape Ann's earliest settlers.
    • Once they're gone, information about your ancestry along with interesting family lore is also gone forever unless the knowledge has been passed on to the next generation.
    • So she has been following up her family ancestry.
    • A group of nomad families sharing a common ancestry is more likely to deal with the challenges of the desert.
    • There's no acting in our family ancestry, so the path to it wasn't clear at all.
    • Ann was a descendant of a family that could trace its ancestry back to the Norman Conquest.
    • It has been in the Teen family and its ancestry since 1886.
    • In the ancestry of our family, there had only ever been one child - hence, only one cross.
    • Presumably because of their Jewish ancestry, the family fled to England in 1939.
    • McGhie traced his ancestry back by recording the names, birth years and birthplaces of his ancestors.
    • To a large extent, the linguistic classification corresponds to the historical records regarding the ancestry of East Asians.
    • It's hardly a big number - only about 1.5% of those claiming a specific ethnic ancestry named Scotch-Irish.
    • Local legends and some native historians trace their ancestry to the biblical figure Yafith, the son of Noah.
    • The result is a genealogist's dream, for not only does he sketch the families, he also records their ancestry and their ties to others in the county.
    • Our teeth tell us something about our ancestry, ethnic background, and age, our environment and our health.
    • Having been raised in an Italian ancestry family of ten children I thought I was pretty used to chaos.