Translation of anchorwoman in Spanish:


presentadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæŋkərˌwʊmən/ /ˈaŋkəˌwʊmən/

nounplural anchorwomen

  • 1

    presentadora feminine
    • A television anchorwoman who sustained serious injuries in the Potters Bar train crash is improving slightly in hospital.
    • She is a famous local television anchorwoman.
    • Taken from a live report from Leeds, the picture shows the intrepid anchorwoman broadcasting in the light of a full moon.
    • The recipe continues in the second series of Tuning Into Children presented by the ever popular BBC anchorwoman.
    • A broadcast journalist, West became the first TV anchorwoman in Phoenix in 1976.
    • Fiona has been GMTV's main anchorwoman, presenting GMTV Today for the last eight years.
    • When his picture appeared in the little box beside the anchorwoman's head on the news, I knew he was dead, even though the TV was on mute.
    • Attending the event will be Radio Four anchorwoman Sue McGregor and former 1960s singer-songwriter turned poet Roger McGough.
    • The anchorwoman chuckled as a mug shot of the perpetrator showed his swollen eyes and blistered nose.
    • The other day I was almost struck mute when the anchorwoman broke the news that four schoolchildren, after pilfering 3,000 yuan from their families, had vanished like a puff of smoke.
    • Monday was a bad day to be a Wimbledon anchorwoman, but the BBC's Sue Barker was not going to let a few intermittent drips dampen her spirits.
    • The anchorwoman was saying that a three-car wreck had occurred at the intersection of Stansky Avenue and Weymouth Road.
    • "My 10-year plan includes becoming a news anchorwoman for a major television network," she said.
    • An anchorwoman was interviewing a grizzled old military man about special-forces operations.
    • You could almost feel the anchorwoman's disappointment as she relayed this bit of information.
    • The TV news anchorwoman moved on to another news item, something about a twelve year old who had burned the house down.
    • One of them went on to become a famous television anchorwoman, a legend in her field.
    • A local news anchorwoman told her producer to book me for her half-hour show where she raved about my book.
    • You'll be able to keep your career as a rising entertainment-news anchorwoman.
    • The anchorwoman presented this clip as evidence that armed gangs are responsible for the killing and destruction.
    • Frail and sallow, he appeared confused as he attempted to answer the anchorwoman's questions.