Translation of Andean in Spanish:


andino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈændiən/ /ænˈdiən/ /anˈdiːən/ /ˈandɪən/


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    • We will climb as high as 4,200 feet in the mountains and have to cope with the humidity of Andean rainforests.
    • The Andean Community includes Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela - replicating Bolivar's visionary Andean republic.
    • In 1985, two British climbers set out for that Andean peak, in a corner of Peru two days’ march from the nearest road.
    • While rebel attacks have left many parts of Colombia without electricity, telephone or water service, this Andean capital of seven million and other large cities have thus far been spared.
    • In the bar, we lounged and drank cocktails while a group of musicians entertained us with Andean music.
    • Later we saw the president in a meeting with Andean leaders, also sitting down and appearing before the cameras with the leader of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner.
    • The side that once bore the precious metals shows the images of two great Andean deities: the bearded creator god Viracocha and a puma, symbol of energy and intelligence.
    • There are 105 species of birds in the park and mammals ranging from Andean foxes to pumas that only rarely venture down from their mountain lairs.
    • My MA was in the same kind of anthropology, although my thesis focussed on Andean archaeology and ethnohistory.
    • Lauca is a flourishing ecosystem rich in Andean wildlife.
    • Evangelical sects are growing, especially among urban poor and Andean peasants.
    • We're working hard on a free trade agreement that will link the United States and Colombia as well as other Andean nations of South America in a wider economic partnership.
    • Young musicians living in the Andes can move between traditional music, salsa, techno-cumbia and Andean rock due to sophisticated battery operated electronic systems.
    • Lynn A. Meisch has conducted fieldwork in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia since 1973 and has published extensively on Andean life and culture.
    • With these bases, the US military is able to project air power over the Eastern Pacific, the Western Caribbean, all of Central America, and South America's Andean ridge.
    • Previous studies have shown that the Tibetan, Ethiopian and Andean populations have developed slightly different ways of boosting their oxygen levels to cope with the thin air.
    • At one remove, Andean food customs that had passed into general currency in Colombia were also common usage in Panama (which was indeed part of Colombia until the beginning of this century).
    • One type of traditional Chilean folk music that is shared by Bolivia and Peru is Andean music, sometimes called altiplano, to indicate that it originated high in the mountains.
    • We urge all those interested in Andean topics to take a few minutes from their busy ‘main floor’ schedules and sit in on one or more of these informative presentations.
    • Since Fairbanks has spent some time in Africa, I would assume that although the book is based on Andean case studies, conclusions and advice are also based in part, on his experiences in Africa.