Translation of andiron in Spanish:


morillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈænˌdaɪərn/ /ˈandʌɪən/

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    morillo masculine
    • In the fireplace are a pair of brass andirons and a fender, American or English, dating from the early nineteenth century.
    • Antique andirons and fireplace tools survive in some quantity, but hard use has often taken its toll and they may be more decorative than useful today.
    • The original kitchen fireplace remains, retaining its cast-iron cauldron and andirons, but it was refaced during the 1896 renovation with blue tiles purchased from Traitel Brothers, tile suppliers in New York City.
    • A stylish Philadelphia parlor is conceptually incomplete if the fireplace is not fitted with wrought-iron andirons and a cast-iron fireback.
    • Although he had the skills to transform raw materials into the most complicated mechanical device known in eighteenth-century America, Burnap spent much of his time mending andirons, kettles, skillets, a ‘steeltrap,’ and a violin bow.
    • Missing elements, including ornate fireplace mantles, intricately carved woodwork, beveled mirrors, and hand-made tiles and ornamental andirons, had to be recreated from photographs.
    • By the time the summer was over she had bought andirons, lamps, candlesticks, and painted trays as well as needlework and furniture so that her ‘hotel bedroom began to look like a miniature museum,’ as she wrote.
    • It is outfitted with andirons and matching tongs and shovel marked by David Phillips, a New York City brass founder.
    • Black paid twenty-six dollars for the brass andirons, stamped ‘John Molineux / Boston,’ and the matching, but unstamped, shovel and tongs.
    • These bold new exteriors required appropriate interiors, so architects and designers created everything from chairs and tables to drinking vessels and andirons in this flamboyant and romantic style.
    • In 1873 he began designing andirons, grates, stove fronts, and other pieces of metalwork for the firm Barnard, Bishop, and Barnards of Norwich.
    • Drawings of architectural metalwork, candlesticks, andirons, and plasterwork of the same earlier centuries fill his sketchbooks.
    • The eighteenth-century wrought-iron andirons are from New England.
    • The document listed coal scuttles, pokers, grates, and fenders, but only one set of andirons.
    • I stared into a fire we built on the very andirons where the good oak had blazed and warmed him.