Translation of anecdotal in Spanish:


anecdótico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌænəkˈdoʊdl/ /ˌanɪkˈdəʊtl/


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    (material/interest) anecdótico
    (biography/talk) lleno de anécdotas
    anecdotal evidence suggests that … los casos de los que se tiene conocimiento parecen indicar que …
    • Historic accounts of this era give no indication of any negative impact to fish populations and in fact, anecdotal accounts reflect quite the opposite.
    • Theory is paraded as fact, anecdotal accounts as hard data.
    • There is a reliable anecdotal account that, in my opinion, gives a partial answer to the question.
    • In contrast to this scholarly account, the evocatively-entitled Tin Horns and Calico is a lively account, based on anecdotal information and data from private sources.
    • Wisely, Shakeshaft does not base her conclusions on evidence that comes so close to anecdotal accounts.
    • Much of the information and government decisions concerning goldenseal are based on anecdotal rather than quantitative information on population status.
    • Insights, while not necessarily inaccurate, are frequently based on anecdotal evidence and hence impressionistic.
    • To date, the social science literature on New Age phenomena has been dominated by case studies and anecdotal accounts.
    • It is a fluent and largely anecdotal account, which captures the woman and her work most vividly.
    • Instead of relying on anecdotal accounts, psychologists could provide better information to assist the resolution of such a case.
    • Reviewers of manuscripts sometimes reject research because it is anecdotal, based on a case study, or founded on too small a sample and therefore not generalizable.
    • His team culled anecdotal accounts on videoconferencing and case studies of various applications of the technology.
    • Early accounts were mainly anecdotal, reported by clinicians and interpreted mainly as psychodynamic processes occurring during early development.
    • Until recently, documentation of elevated cancer rates in the area was limited to such anecdotal accounts.
    • Nursing literature is full of anecdotal accounts of the distant approach that doctors have towards patients and their carers.
    • Having regard to both personal experience and anecdotal evidence, I suspect that the answers to these two questions are YES and NO respectively.
    • This paper therefore is based mainly on my own thoughtful experience and informal anecdotal research.
    • Some effect measurements are based on anecdotal evidence.
    • I have my own theories on this, but they are based purely on anecdotal evidence.
    • The evidence so far is anecdotal rather than statistical, but the trend can't be denied, he says.
    • In a witty, anecdotal and at times serious speech, Pierce said he was the eldest male member of a family of eight - seven boys and a girl.
    • Are we in for a pleasant, anecdotal account of Didion's family connections with a pioneering past, you wonder.
    • The narrative is tangential and anecdotal, a linear mosaic of small failures and smaller successes, interspersed with laugh out loud one-liners.
    • While anecdotal, the narrative captures what is probably a common experience of those participating in discipline-based PFF programs.
    • He elicited and compared details and wrote up his findings almost immediately in a highly readable, anecdotal narrative style.
    • Born to Buy would have benefited from more narrative, anecdotal sugar in the form of compelling characters to make the medicine go down.
    • The two tropes are geology and archaeology integrated into an anecdotal, memorialising narrative form that demands admiration for its adroitness.
    • Unfortunately, most writings on Katchor emphasize literary and anecdotal content over artistry.
    • I suspect that The Edifice Complex is so readable because his scholarly theme, brilliantly researched, is well peppered with anecdotal insights.
    • She previews this approach to war in her short, anecdotal work Paris France, written just before Mrs. Reynolds and Wars I Have Seen.
    • Most of the articles have serious points to make, and only J. T. Bonner's amusing essay largely devoted to his social encounters with Haldane is purely anecdotal.
    • I have tried to introduce personal anecdotal narrative into the book because I became very involved in my investigation into the naturopath.
    • As with most actor commentaries, the former is more light and fluffy and anecdotal, while the latter is more technically-oriented.
    • David Gordon Green and Jamie Bell deliver an amusing and anecdotal commentary, relaying the many misadventures that took place in the production.
    • I have quoted part of the petition at length, because its anecdotal and tonal qualities are lost in summary.
    • What he writes about York corresponds uncannily with my memory of what actually happened and includes anecdotal material which I have not seen written down anywhere else.
    • In the late, anecdotal tradition he is credited with introducing suspension of judgment.
    • Other exceptional sherpas are given their place in the sun too in a narrative that has no great pretensions to literary skill or scholarship, but is enthusiastic and often wonderfully anecdotal.
    • The Trade Center attack will not alter the autobiographical, anecdotal, therapeutic poems of the workshops; it will merely add another subject.
    • Many of them are anecdotal and the poem, ‘Making Sambar’ could well have been featured as a ‘middle’ on the editorial page of a newspaper.