Translation of anemia in Spanish:


anemia, n.

Pronunciation /əˈnimiə/ /əˈniːmɪə/


(British anaemia)
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    anemia feminine
    • For instance, if your fatigue is the result of anemia, blood transfusions may help.
    • Iron-deficiency anaemia and megaloblastic anaemia can occur during pregnancy.
    • He needed 15 blood transfusions to fight anaemia and a rare infection.
    • The blood test for anemia will be performed at least once more during your pregnancy.
    • In children, the major causes of anemia are dietary iron deficiency and infection.
    • Red blood cells are also used to treat anaemia, a condition in which haemoglobin levels are lower than normal.
    • The most common form of microcytic anemia is iron deficiency caused by reduced dietary intake.
    • The most prevalent and preventable form of microcytic anemia is iron deficiency anemia.
    • It is a systemic disease that not only affects joints but also causes inflammation of the blood vessels, anaemia, nodules, fever, weight loss and fatigue.
    • This may include blood tests for anaemia, kidney function test, or scans of the heart and other organs.
    • However, we cannot rule out the possibility that some infants may suffer from iron deficiency anemia if meat is introduced too late.
    • Our findings may be most relevant to rural South and, possibly, South East Asia, where prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia and low birth weight are high.
    • The diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia was given if anemia and iron deficiency were present.
    • The hormone causes the body to make more red blood cells and is now a million-dollar drug to treat anaemia caused by cancer therapy, dialysis, and renal disease.
    • In many cases, doctors don't discover anemia until they run blood tests as part of a routine physical examination.
    • Treatment for this serious anemia may include blood transfusions to boost levels of red blood cells.
    • Some medical conditions such as thyroid disease and anemia also can cause palpitations.
    • It is important to remember that though they are related, iron deficiency and anaemia are distinct conditions.
    • Blood transfusion may be appropriate for symptomatic anaemia.
    • Some medical conditions, such as anemia or hypothyroidism, can cause a pregnant woman to lack energy.