Translation of anemic in Spanish:


anémico, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈnimɪk/ /əˈniːmɪk/


(British anaemic)
  • 1

    (patient) anémico
  • 2

    (lacking vitality)
    (appearance) anémico
    (poetry) con poca fuerza
    (poetry) anodino
    • The anemic palate that colours the film - grays, browns, and other hushed earth tones - provide the foreboding backdrop.
    • Setup is joyously simple, and DVD performance is good, if not spectacular, but the sound is anaemic, lacking sufficient detail for music and serious clout for movies.
    • It is anaemic, lacking in vision, and a generally debate-free zone.
    • A few nice, tasteful displays notwithstanding, the overall performance was pretty anemic.
    • Their anaemic performance over the last 18 months has come as a surprise even to us.
    • Spindle-thin trunks of Douglas fir and western larch stood in anemic, dying thickets, toppling like the flagpoles of small, failed nations.
    • But it's also likely to reflect continued weak investment by businesses in new plants and equipment, a factor contributing to the first quarter's anemic performance, economists said.
    • Since then, they have experienced three straight seasons of offensive decline, culminating with their anemic performance against the Diamondbacks in the World Series.
    • Alternatively, let's say your system performance is really anemic today.
    • You know… that's what religion has become, a feeble and anaemic nonsense.
    • If the labour movement is weak, anaemic, perhaps crippled, then failure is too close for comfort.
    • The picture seems annoyingly soft - some of this may have been intentional in the original production - with weak definition and anemic color.
    • The mystery attic boarder wrapped bobby pins in twists of toilet tissue - pale lime, or anemic strawberry - and slipped them under my door after dark.
    • An anemic supply chain, poor infrastructure, and government red tape have kept manufacturers away for years.
    • The majority are contemporary Spanish hits and may go over well with the hometown crowd - but to an outsider, they sound pretty lame and anaemic.
    • I blamed the lack of flowering and the anemic show of leaves on poor soil.
    • The ‘roast’ halibut looked a bit anaemic and was served on what is becoming a ubiquitous bland base for fish: leeks, haricots verts and asparagus.
    • The walls were painted a pale almost fleshy pink colour (what might be described as anaemic salmon).
    • The gentle light at this time of year allows pastel shades room to perform without appearing washed out and anaemic.
    • It has worked for a colourless anaemic religion to which men pay lip homage.