Translation of angel dust in Spanish:

angel dust

polvo de ángel, n.


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    (tipo de alucinógeno) polvo de ángel masculine slang
    • Drugs such as ketamine. LSD, angel dust and magic mushrooms are increasing in popularity.
    • The best example, he says, is angel dust, the illegal drug PCP.
    • Informed that a good narcotics agent should have an intimate knowledge of the subject, Hawke is easily bullied into smoking dope laced with angel dust.
    • Gary's soft voice broke the silence, ‘Codine, acid, alcohol, and a little bit of angel dust in the cigarettes.’
    • There're no good movies out and that club, Alejandro's, got busted last week for dealing out angel dust along with their drinks’ Kelly answered.
    • As a result plot and characterisation aren't always at their steadiest but when you write, as Burchill once memorably described herself, like ‘an angel on angel dust,’ who cares?
    • The potential for catastrophe rises after Francis becomes involved in Tim's latest scheme, which involves a pair of bolt cutters, a cougar, a dart full of angel dust and Sister Assumpta.
    • So, yeah, well, I'm just wondering, man, is there anyone that can give me a definitive scientific, whatever, answer here to tell me how you tell if there's angel dust in weed, man.
    • Geoffrey Rush bites into his role with all the relish of a community theater actor on angel dust and it's kind of fun to watch.
    • He recovered quickly, and I could see that he was hopped up on angel dust, Tang, and Pop Rocks.
    • One of the guys had this chemical engineering degree from MIT and invented black angel dust and I worked for him.
    • Little did their parents know it was mostly being spent on angel dust and crack.
    • Extreme experiences such as freaking out when accidentally smoking angel dust as a teenager were all recorded.
    • In the late 1980s, Mr Brown and his third wife were widely reported to have a habit of getting high on angel dust, or PCP, an animal tranquilliser that tends to induce paranoid and often violent psychosis in humans.
    • One instance cited by Thurlbeck concerns the case of a drug-dealer who he discovered had been supplying PCP, nicknamed angel dust.