Translation of angiogram in Spanish:


angiograma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈændʒiəˌɡræm/ /ˈandʒɪə(ʊ)ɡram/


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    angiograma masculine
    • Dye is injected through the catheter, and the X-ray machine takes angiograms of your heart and blood vessels.
    • A series of exams, including blood tests and angiograms, revealed that all of the subjects had a severe dysfunction of the left side of the heart.
    • More noteworthy is that the superior mesenteric angiograms showed shunting of blood from the arterioles to the venous channels, bypassing the capillaries.
    • An angiogram uses X-rays and a contrast dye that is injected into the heart via a thin, flexible tube inserted in the arm or leg.
    • An aneurysm of the brain can be detected by a special kind of X-ray called an angiogram or arteriogram.