Translation of Anglican in Spanish:


anglicano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæŋɡləkən/ /ˈaŋɡlɪk(ə)n/


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    anglicano masculine
    anglicana feminine


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    the Anglican Church la Iglesia Anglicana
    • It is no longer a question of whether communion among the Anglican churches will be broken.
    • There were speakers from the Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist and Anglican churches.
    • However, such preaching was not well received by most Anglican clergy, and churches began to be barred to him.
    • She was a lifelong member of the Church of England and her father and two brothers were Anglican ministers.
    • He was not sure whether the Bulgarian Orthodox Church ever recognised Anglican orders.
    • Senior clergy at the Minster have organised the service in an outward display of unity between the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.
    • But Methodist rules forbid the use of fermented grape juice while Anglican church law requires the use of fermented wine.
    • As leader of the Anglican Communion, the archbishop faced growing demands on his time from Anglican churches abroad.
    • He incurred the wrath of the Catholic and Anglican churches and needlessly upset a lot of people.
    • Churchgoers have welcomed a new team rector to Anglican churches in Bacup and Stacksteads.
    • She taught Sunday school at both St. George's and St. Luke's Anglican Churches.
    • St Giles is a very large and affluent Anglican church, justifying a Canon and a Reverend and boasting a large congregation.
    • They were married at Trinity Church, South Australia's first Anglican Church.
    • In the UK, we've had a constitutionally enshrined Anglican church for several hundred years now.
    • Over recent years attendance figures at Anglican churches nationally have gradually been declining.
    • There are currently no plans to make redundant any Anglican church in the Archdeaconry of Wilts.
    • Another children's service was held on Christmas Eve at St George's Anglican Church.
    • Women are now routinely ordained in many Anglican churches and serve as bishops as well in some.
    • Well the Anglican church of Australia is of course in full communion with the Church of England.
    • To me these Anglican Benedictines truly lived out the ideal of service encouraged by their Rule.