Translation of anguished in Spanish:


angustiado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæŋɡwɪʃt/ /ˈaŋɡwɪʃt/


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    • When she finished dressing almost falling in the act, she heard an anguished cry of pain.
    • It is a harrowing experience to hear a squeal of tires followed by a thump and then the anguished cries of an animal in pain.
    • All of these characters are subjects whose bodies convey an anguished message about pain and privation that cannot be articulated any other way.
    • In a hospice setting it is not unusual to be confronted by anguished relatives witnessing the physical deterioration of their loved ones.
    • Git could hear screams of anguished pain coming from inside the burning inferno.
    • Then the debate over cloning will be well and truly on, so prepare to hear an endless stream of anguished cries that we are on a slippery slope and politicians have joined the scientists in playing God.
    • Suddenly, on my earphones I hear an anguished cry from one of the interpreters: ‘The French is not coming through!’
    • Of course he's probably lying, but any sensitive, caring American would recognize this as an anguished cry for help.
    • She didn't have time to dwell on it however, before the pain from her wound surged through her, driving her back to her knees with an anguished cry.
    • Another squeezes his eyes tightly shut to keep the tears back as he recalls the death of a soldier with the face of a boy, his panic as he bled to death and his anguished cries for his mother.
    • In the original jail dungeon they will see the punishments being meted out and hear the anguished cries of the prisoners.
    • Birds screeched from the bamboo forest, echoing the anguished cries of the injured.
    • His anguished cries travel on the wind, haunting her.
    • It's not related to the band because it isn't music in any shape or form, just anguished, terrifying pure sound.
    • ‘I want you here,’ he whispered, his voice low and raw and anguished.
    • I was depressed and anguished, because I realized that there was no future for me, for my magazine, for anything.
    • We are very distressed and anguished at what has been happening in Gujarat for almost three months.
    • She's dehydrated and quite stressed and anguished, so they are keeping her in for observations.
    • It was so hard to pick the best picture of Wenger looking anguished in the last few games.
    • He could still save her - but he felt too broken up inside, too anguished to even think.