Translation of angular in Spanish:


angular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈæŋɡjələr/ /ˈaŋɡjʊlə/


  • 1

    (shape/structure) angular
    (person/face/features) anguloso
    (gait/movement) desmañado
    • Their green faces were pinched and angular, with massive black eyes and tiny sharp teeth.
    • Janssen, though beautiful, has no soft edges - her face is angular, her nose sharp, her amazing figure more sculpted than curved.
    • A young man, his angular features sharp as if whittled by a knife, led the self-criticism.
    • Even his face was angular, with small black eyes that burned with inexhaustible impatience, and full of crooks and sharp, awkward angles, from his pointy ears to his thin white mouth and his sharp, narrow chin.
    • Her features were beautiful sharp and angular.
    • The woman was somewhat plump with a sharp, angular face.
    • It was a sharp, angular face with high arching eyebrows and a mop of perfectly messy red-gold hair mixed with silvery gray crowing the head.
    • His face seemed to have been carved from the very stone around them, with sharp, angular features and a hawk-like nose.
    • His face was sharp and angular, and turned down in a deep scowl.
    • It was of a tousle-haired blond boy, with sharp, angular features and laughing eyes.
    • In a matter of minutes the white shade went flying up to the ceiling and she could see his face, his sharp angular face.
    • He looks up at her face, pulling back his hood to reveal a sharp angular face with flame-like red hair.
    • She was a tall and stately woman, with angular features and sharp eyes.
    • His cap cast a shadow over the top part of his face and accentuated the slightly angular shape of his jaws.
    • She could only make out the strong angular shape of his face.
    • Her face was smooth and angular with arched eyebrows, but the most beautiful and strange thing about Anna was her hair.
    • His face was swelling, and his lip was torn, but his smooth, angular features were exquisite.
    • With her gaze she traced his jaw, smooth and angular, edging up towards his eyes.
    • Our faces are the same shape even though her features are more rounded and mine are pronounced and sort of angular in a way I don't like but all the boys seem to.
    • My gaze traveled upwards, taking in a smooth, angular jaw, full lips, and brilliant emerald eyes.
    • The odd and heavy feel of the wad of notes that his uncle had given to him was gone, but now in the money's place was a small box, soft and velvety to the touch, yet sharp and angular at the corners.
    • Peck used locally quarried andesite, a brittle stone that fractures into sharp, angular shapes and has a sparkly surface.
    • One shape should be sharp, angular and synthetic, while the other is soft, rounded and biomorphic.
    • The word ‘barbican’ describes a fortified outpost of gateway, and it is a good fit for the angular, sharp architecture of this London development.
    • A high-cut red dress with circular strands of wool rope, and a white knitted tube with an abrupt, angular black panel just below were two highlights from this label.
    • The door opened onto a catwalk overlooking the bay, where a sleek, angular, black ship was dominating the hangar.
    • Finally he'd chosen an angular chair, covered with ice blue leather and facing the windows.
    • She whipped her hair back into a tail, and put on her black angular glasses.
    • It was a compact, efficient two-seater with high ground clearance, sharp angular lines, and impressive torque running off a fission reactor.
    • At night, the Carlton Hotel, like many other art deco hotels in Miami, emphasizes its sharp, angular geometric forms with colorful neon lights.
    • Everything about the tower was sharp, angular, like the harsh contortions of a concentrated face lined with spite and malice.
    • From the air the land would have looked like a jigsaw of angular green and brown shapes.
    • In plan, the fort was of angular shape defined by five straight stretches of boundary.
    • He then went on to make paintings where the outside shapes were angular instead of more familiar squares and rectangles.
    • I don't know what I'm looking for so I just go through the pages pretty quick, and his handwriting is tiny and angular, and it all blurs together real fast.
    • Some really give us a feeling that we're looking at something Picasso himself may have created, in terms of color and angular shapes.
    • The pattern is an unusual long series of odd pointed / angular shapes, some of which appear roughly symmetrical.
    • Where required, surfaces are smooth and curved rather than boxy and angular, further lending the outdoor levels an organic ambience.
    • Where the fuselage was smooth, this section was angular, like a flat topped pyramid attached to the end of the vessel.
    • One technique that designers often use is a series of angular walls that allow several rooms to look out on a rear view.