Translation of angular momentum in Spanish:

angular momentum

momento angular, n.


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    momento angular masculine
    • The reason for the Zeeman effect is that in a magnetic field, the angular momentum quantum state can undergo a displacement from degeneracy.
    • It turns out that, both classically and quantum mechanically, there is a close connection between a particle's magnetic moment and its angular momentum.
    • An equilibrium rotation rate is eventually reached where the angular momentum shed by emitting gravitational radiation matches the angular momentum being added to the pulsar by its companion star.
    • The orbital quantum number, l, gives the angular momentum of the electron.
    • The orbital angular momentum of the silver atom is actually zero, not h / 2 as presumed in the Bohr model.
    • He went on to work on the interaction of diatomic molecules with precessing electrons, studying the angular momentum within the molecule itself.
    • As the Earth's speed of rotation diminishes owing to tidal friction, its angular momentum falls.
    • To see how it works, consider the angular momentum or ‘spin ‘of an electron.’
    • They reasoned that because the wake vortices contain a lot of rotation, or angular momentum, then perhaps injecting a counteracting momentum into the wake would slow things down.
    • The only things they can know about the material trapped within the black hole horizon is its total mass, its total angular momentum, and its total electric charge.
    • Because the wheels are moving slow, the angular momentum is less and the direction of rotation is easily changed.
    • This transfer changes the angular momentum of the stars, and changes their separation and orbital periods.
    • Depending on factors such as its mass, temperature, ratio of neutrons to protons, and angular momentum, the nucleus can exhibit a range of intricate and often puzzling behaviors.
    • Keep in mind that as the radius of the cloud decreased, the angular momentum didn't decrease, and so the speed of the spin increased.
    • Since angular momentum is conserved we stay in a stable orbit.
    • There are four quantum numbers, n, l, m, and m s, that describe the energy levels, angular momentum, magnetic properties, and spin of the atom.
    • He has bombarded his samples with circularly polarized light, which contains photons with spin angular momentum.
    • For example, simulations could check that energy and angular momentum are conserved properly on the horizon.
    • The angular momentum lost by the Earth's axial rotation appears in the lunar orbit, the total angular momentum being conserved.
    • Bruns proved in 1887 that apart from the 10 classical integrals, 6 for the centre of gravity, 3 for angular momentum and one for energy, no others could exist.