Translation of anhydrous in Spanish:


anhidro, adj.

Pronunciation /ænˈhaɪdrəs/ /anˈhʌɪdrəs/

Definition of anhidro in Spanish


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    • The sample was maintained at room temperature for 24 h to ensure conversion of any anhydrous cholesterol crystals to the monohydrate form.
    • The plants produced urea ammonium nitrate and anhydrous ammonia.
    • The water in the mantle may be contained either in high pressure hydrous phases, or alternatively as small hydrous defects in nominally anhydrous minerals.
    • The two most stable species of phosphates are the two extremes of hydrates, the anhydrous salt and the fully hydrated salt.
    • The Sahara is an ideal backdrop, Paesler says, because it is vast but uniform and composed almost exclusively of anhydrous silicon dioxide - dry sand.
    • One gram of anhydrous (water free) fat stores more than six times as much energy as one hydrated gram of glycogen (stored glucose).
    • The mechanism of buildup of [H.sub.2] O is the massive crystallization of anhydrous minerals.
    • Calanus finmarchicus and cod eggs were irradiated under SS for I h, placed in the dark and preserved in anhydrous alcohol.
    • Ammonium nitrate, anhydrous ammonia, ammonium sulfate, or banded 28 percent solutions are suitable nitrogen materials for this case.
    • A pound of baking soda yields 10.6 ounces of anhydrous sodium carbonate, which is equivalent to 12.4 ounces of monohydrated sodium carbonate.
    • The surface of the bilayer of anhydrous cholesterol is highly corrugated and thus the lattice energy of such a bilayer is less stable than that of the flat bilayer and would be unfavorable on a flat water surface.
    • Anhydrous cholesterol crystals slowly convert over a period of hours to form crystals of cholesterol monohydrate.
    • When white, anhydrous copper sulfate, CuSO 4, is exposed to ammonia gas, a deep blue crystalline product is formed.
    • The technique that he developed, electrolysis of potassium fluoride in anhydrous liquid hydrogen fluoride, is still used today, with some modifications.
    • Only at mol fractions of 0.7 and 0.8 are substantial amounts of anhydrous cholesterol crystals found.
    • The vial was sealed, placed in a jar with anhydrous calcium sulfate (Drierite TM) and kept in a cool, dry place until used.
    • We are also unable to detect the presence of a separate anhydrous cholesterol or cholesterol monohydrate phase in our binary mixtures, again in contrast to previous reports.
    • It is interesting to note that SM has more cholesterol monohydrate crystals, whereas HSM has more anhydrous cholesterol crystals.
    • The slides were air dried, fixed in 100% methanol for 30 min and stored under nitrogen in the presence of anhydrous calcium sulfate at - 20°C until use.
    • The combined extracts were dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate and the filtrate was evaporated to dryness under reduced pressure.