Translation of animadvert in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌænəmædˈvərt/ /ˌanɪmədˈvəːt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to animadvert on sth reprobar / censurar algo
    to animadvert upon sth reprobar / censurar algo
    • We are not now enquiring whether the community ought to animadvert upon the errors of its members.
    • We have already animadverted on the extraordinary eagerness of the first Roman to occupy Britain.
    • One of our neighbors, good old Deacon Winship, often animadverted upon the luxury and extravagance of the times.
    • Cannot our Governor animadvert upon the President's conduct without impairing the President's jurisdiction?
    • I said how much I enjoyed myself and I was sorry to have animadverted on his character.
    • The character of our debates the lethargy and supineness which each succeeding night is exhibited here have been animadverted upon freely and frequently enough.
    • We regret to animadvert upon the disturbance and disorderly conduct exhibited in the Town Hall of New Rochelle upon Thursday evening, the 16th.
    • In fact, as one of the speakers in the senate was rising to animadvert upon and oppose Hannibal's views, he undertook to pull him down and silence him by force.
    • From Matthew's account we learn that the conduct of Christ's disciples in neglecting fasting was animadverted on by the disciples of John the Baptist.
    • We must have courage to reflect and animadvert on the outdated culture, and investigate these details in depth in order to found an international first-class scientific journal.
    • He also animadverts on a theme that will be repeated in other critical works: that Stowe paints her white characters black and her black characters white.
    • Accordingly some of the Dukes of Newcastle have possessed considerable influence here, which has given great umbrage, and been strongly animadverted upon by those politically opposed to that party.
    • In pieces ranging from 1987 to 2004, Parry both animadverts on poststructuralism and its most visible postcolonial exponents and suggests theoretical terrain that remains largely ignored.
    • But it is not for me to animadvert on the private crimes of individuals; for them they must answer at the bar of their Maker, to whom they are accountable.
  • 2

    to animadvert on sth hacer comentarios sobre algo
    to animadvert upon sth hacer comentarios sobre algo