Translation of animated in Spanish:


animado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈænəˌmeɪdəd/ /ˈanɪmeɪtɪd/


  • 1

    (discussion/conversation) animado
    • I don't understand this phenomenon that jump starts my brain in animated conversation or heated exchange and petrifies it to molasses when I ask it to be creative.
    • I watch a chic woman with full make up and a glittering green bikini conduct an animated mobile phone conversation while strolling up and down and smoking.
    • Author Margie Palatini employs word play, puns, and satire in this animated mystery, a lively spoof of the 1960s television series Dragnet.
    • Whereas her father, a jack-of-all-trades, goes about his work in an unhurried but highly efficient manner, her mother is always animated and lively.
    • Acclaim's attention to detail has even extended to the sidelines, where team mascots jump about and try to get the animated crowd excited.
    • They had been talking for some time through the night, and Sotar's lively talk and his animated gestures fascinated Esk.
    • Where once the author was verging on sulky, she is now animated and lively - although not, it must be said, with this interviewer.
    • Visits are typically very lively with lots of animated discussion.
    • I would like to congratulate the Hon David Benson-Pope on the very animated and lively way he spoke about this bill.
    • Akaru shook his head in wonder, never taking his eyes from her soft, lively, animated features.
    • The only contribution I make to road trips is shaky navigation and animated conversation.
    • The paintings are huge and animated, bringing alive the greatness of the Lord who destroys evil and ensures peace.
    • He was very excited and animated when he was brought to the new Keyspan Park in Brooklyn to throw out a first ball at the Mets minor league home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.
    • So I'm not looking for excitement, inspiration or even animated discussion.
    • The chairman, Bob Hardcastle, was a rotund man in his sixties, with a heavy chest, his laboured voice rising in pitch animated by the excitement of the correspondence before him.
    • While the family is still poor and Harihar's health is declining, he is happy to be reunited with his wife and son, who is animated and excited about city life.
    • He was so excited and animated the audience couldn't help but be excited with him.
    • It was great to see such an inspirational person become so animated and involved with the people and issues around her.
    • Few were animated or fired by this slogan, and only rarely those few.
    • Well, I've seen him get very animated and excited like that when he's speaking in front of a big crowd.
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    • Girl 24 is an animated film employing stop-motion techniques in the style of Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay.
    • Sir Ian is currently working on the animated film version of the classic children's animation series The Magic Roundabout.
    • This blithely idiosyncratic, almost dialogue-free animated film concerns an old lady's quest to recover her grandson after he is mysteriously kidnapped during the Tour de France.
    • Clocking at 115 minutes, the film is a technical marvel - the longest and most sophisticated CG animated film to date.
    • Finding Nemo, an animated film, uses animals to mirror some truths about family life.
    • At least that's the thesis of Valiant, a new animated film from Disney that foregrounds the sacrifices of those brave birds in its unconventional retelling of that terrible conflict.
    • His new hand-drawn animated film ‘The Moon and the Son’ premiered at MoMA this year and will air on Cinemax in 2006.
    • This is a new animated film from the same folks who did ‘Ice Age’ and children's author William Joyce, also is the production designer.
    • ‘Madagascar’ is an animated film featuring the voices of Chris Rock, Ben Stiller and Jada Pinkett Smith.
    • Shaun Anthony Markey fled from Woolworth's store in Hereford with a battery-operated model of the chisel-jawed character, who features in the animated film Toy Story.
    • The expanded Matrix universe includes the webcomics, the videogame, and now the Animatrix: nine animated films that explore the breadth, depth and history of the Matrix.
    • Kimba The White Lion, first known as Jungle Emperor Leo, was a '60s Japanese animated film that some suggest inspired another well known production.
    • So what is the 81-year-old Paul Newman doing playing a crusty old auto with blue eyes for headlights in the animated film Cars, a cartoon set in the world of race cars?
    • No wonder this sophisticated film was selected for competition at last month's Cannes film festival, the first animated film to be accorded that honour since Peter Pan in 1954.
    • For five years the Oscar - winning creator of Wallace and Gromit has been brooding over a very specific idea for an animated film: The Great Escape, only with chickens.
    • The most significant director of animated films in the 1970s and 1980s was Jan Svankmajer, despite a seven-year ban from film-making.
    • There are many computer animated scenes that bring long-dead creatures back into existence.
    • From the people who brought you Toy Story and Finding Nemo comes a new animated tale featuring a family of superheroes who have to leave their suburban life to fight evil.
    • He's brought us Spawn, incredibly detailed action figures, animated videos for Pearl Jam and Korn, and a whole lot more.
    • In John Lassetter and Brad Bird, they have in my mind two of the four best animated filmmakers in the world, which is encouraging.