Translation of animation in Spanish:


animación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌænəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/ /anɪˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    animación feminine
    vivacidad feminine
    • Her back was to me, but I could imagine her face, eyes sparkling with animation, her full attention on him, not slightly off to the side as it often was.
    • Her animation and liveliness engaged her young students, as evidenced by the children's laughter and high degree of participation.
    • They'd gone to a Karnal concert, and the girl who'd been talking with vibrant animation in her voice, turned to the guy.
    • Immediately following the intermission, there was a visible engagement from them combined with an energy and animation to the music which had not been present before.
    • But these complimentary words could be written of every member of the cast as they took to their roles with great energy and animation.
    • When he was alone with Shipper, there was animation in his voice, and smiles were often seen surfacing the dark, handsome face.
    • It was the first time Chris had ever heard the man with any animation in his voice.
    • Roy Jones looked downright vicious at the weigh-in, roaring his trash talk with tremendous intensity and animation.
    • Now she held their attention as they watched the metamorphosis from near death to vitality and renewed animation filling her essence.
    • Do you ever find yourself sizing someone up in an instant, noting their animation, gestures and manners of speaking?
    • He laughed at this statement, and his eyes, which had begun to mist over now sparkled brightly with animation.
    • The only animation in the marquise's rotund and double-chinned face, as she loosens her lips into a perfunctory smile, is to be found in her alert eyes as she looks up from her embroidery.
    • It was the first sign of animation Patrick had ever seen in the older boy, and was so caught off guard that he found himself laughing equally as hard.
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    animación feminine
    • In creating his animations, he films the drawings as he adds or erases the images.
    • Paintings, drawings, animations and at last the feature films all augment our appreciation of Lord of the Rings.
    • Many of the images come from Hollywood movies, including Walt Disney animations.
    • The show also includes two video animations parroting activist art from the '60s.
    • Every rule is explained and illustrated with animations and video.
    • Music sounded from the speakers, animations flicking across the screen.
    • Thomas and his fellow engines' voices and endearingly primitive animation remain the same as in the much-loved television series.
    • The same is true with animation - I think of my animated characters as dancers.
    • The hand-drawn animation is lush, and this is a typically sweet and enjoyable Disney effort, marred only slightly by the inclusion of Phil Collins on the soundtrack.
    • It needs Flash and sound to get the full effect, but underneath the excellent animation is a great site concerned with factory farming and local food production.
    • The computer animation is top-notch and the characters are delightful and entertaining for the most part.
    • High levels of detail are also noticeable in player movements and animations.
    • From there, he starts working on his objects and animations in 3D animation software.
    • Those animations might not be the most beautiful things to come out of a computer, but they are funny as hell.
    • These techniques were being used alongside fully computerised animations.
    • State-of-the-art motion capture technology was used to generate the animations in the studio.
    • This tale, as compared to the first game, is obviously much darker and more intense, but it's captured pretty lightly in all of the lead-up animation.
    • Sometimes the best websites are the ones with actual meaningful content rather than the flashy add-ins and animations.
    • This makes your animation more processor intensive.
    • If you want to create complex animations or games you can use any of the two.
    • Implementing them would have required lots of time to program and create extra animations.
    • The online registration provides access to the full length of animation stream and all program features.
    • You cannot just create a series of animations and expect it to work as a fighting game!
    • There are also excellent facilities for creating web graphics and animations.
    • What would happen if students became active authors of animations rather than passive watchers?
    • This allows for the rendering of complex animations and effects to be shared out across an Apple Xserve network.
    • What advice would you give to anyone wanting to create web animations?
    • Flash can produce animation in full color with music and sound effects.
    • With using this kind of computer animation it is possible to create nearly 100% visual image for any swimmer.