Translation of anneal in Spanish:


templar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈnil/ /əˈniːl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • The heat of welding will anneal the copper in the heat-affected area adjacent to the weld and reduce the strength provided by cold working.
    • He says bright annealed stainless steel is generally specified for medical applications.
    • The cold rolling process required that the steel be annealed or softened to keep the metal flexible and not brittle.
    • Ferritic and pearlitic malleable irons are both produced by annealing white iron of controlled composition.
    • After extrusion, the tubes are annealed to remove the work hardening and provide the softness or limpness needed for good collapsibility.
    • The ‘EZ Beader’ from PARAGON is a new bead kiln designed to anneal glass beads to prevent breakage during cooling.
    • Following welding the weldment should be annealed and then heat treated to the desired strength level.
    • After being annealed, the work metal is quenched in water to free it from particles of the salt mixture.
    • The modern range of machinery includes five-axis HSC centres and stretch forming machines, annealing furnaces and chemical milling plants.
    • If machining is required the weld deposits should be annealed and heat treated after machining.
    • The template and primer were annealed by briefly heating at 80°C and cooling to room temperature.
    • Mattinson's idea was to first heat or anneal the zircons, sealing off the least damaged areas of the crystal, then using a strong reagent, hydrofluoric acid, to eat away the heavily damaged areas.
    • The most common heat treatments of gray iron are annealing and stress relieving.
    • The white irons of suitable composition can be annealed to give malleable cast iron.
    • Unlike annealed stampings, fully hardened electroforms need no heat treating - a process that can distort finished shapes.
    • For the high-silicon nodular irons, high-temperature heat treatment is advised in all cases to anneal any pearlite and stabilize the casting against growth in service.
    • In heat treatable alloys, annealing also may be accompanied by precipitation and changes in solute concentration.
    • Welding of cold-worked alloys anneals the heat-affected zone and eliminates the strength produced by cold working.
    • The weldment must be stress relived or annealed after welding.
    • Beta annealing is done at temperatures above the transus of the alloy being annealed.