Translation of annihilation in Spanish:


aniquilación, n.

Pronunciation /əˌnaɪəˈleɪʃən/ /ənʌɪɪˈleɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (total destruction)
    aniquilación feminine
    • The threat of global annihilation has so colored the debate that for many people it is considered an axiomatic truth that the use of such weaponry can never be justified.
    • Ground Zero subsequently became a term to describe the point directly below a nuclear explosion - where destruction is total and annihilation of all life is complete.
    • This is something entirely between the United States government and those regimes who dislike freedom, who really develop weapons of mass destruction for mass annihilation.
    • She has the power of annihilation and destruction.
    • In addition, the concept of utter destruction and annihilation of the foe was well understood - total war was the objective; there was no other form of war.
    • Contemporary technology has reached a degree of destructive power that can expose humankind to self - annihilation.
    • Two world wars, a depression, and a cold war that threatened global annihilation ushered in a darker vision of human potentiality.
    • Violence breeds nothing but violence, and the violence of human history has brought us to where we are today-a world on the brink of annihilation, from the global scale to the local.
    • We hear the term - weapons of mass destruction, annihilation, chemical warfare.
    • Only one thing can conquer war - that liberal attitude of mind which can see nothing in war but destruction and annihilation, and which can never wish to bring about a war, because it regards war as injurious even to the victors.
    • The Central American woman leaves her homeland fleeing annihilation and destruction, but her exile in the US does not offer her more visibility or presence.
    • But in every case it is backed by an immense armed force and its potential for annihilation and destruction.
    • Evil, for Tolkien, was non-being, and the destruction of evil was annihilation.
    • None can defeat us and any that resorts to a weapon of mass destruction invites annihilation.
    • The apologist for deterrence of this kind assumes a sort of Manichaean view that war is of its nature irrational and apocalyptic, avoidable only by threats of total annihilation.
    • The massive use of nuclear weapons holds out the potential for global annihilation.
    • Free from the threat of Soviet annihilation, Europe - emboldened by its federalist ambitions - could have more room for independent manoeuvre.
    • Even if one wishes to reject claims for the complete annihilation of the self, a compelling case can be made for a profound instability of personal identity within contemporary western culture.
    • When the constant threat of instant annihilation suddenly disappears - seemingly without effort - it suddenly seems time to throw a big, national party.
    • Sometimes the war was hot and active; other times it was cold and passive; but the threat of national annihilation by a ruthless and competent foe was ever-present.
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    aniquilación de materia feminine
    • Ultimately, for travel to distant star systems, the tremendous energy available in particle annihilation will be applied in propulsion.
    • The lead plates convert a small fraction of the incident annihilation photons into electrons while the wire chambers determine the position of the charge.
    • By measuring the time between the pulse and the photon flash of electron-positron annihilation the team was able to map the defect regions.
    • I think you underestimate the effects of the instantaneous matter/antimatter annihilation of a billion tons.
    • Anderson discovered that the collision of an electron and a positron resulted in the annihilation of both particles, with their mass being converted into energy.
    • If Lorentz invariance were violated, the gamma-rays would pass right through the extragalactic infrared fog with insufficient energy to cause annihilation.
    • Jeans favoured, incorrectly as it turned out, the theory that the energy was the result of contraction while Eddington, correctly of course, believed it resulted from a slow process of annihilation of matter.
    • In the enormous densities of the early moments of the Big Bang the result would have been a catastrophic annihilation of matter and antimatter into radiation.
    • The particles and antiparticles squared off - one on one annihilation until only a relatively tiny amount of matter was left over.
    • When annihilation occurs what happens with the charge of the interacting particles?
    • The densely packed pigments in chlorosomes and the rapid energy transfer between them lead to onset of exciton annihilation at remarkably low light level.
    • Astronomers discovered through CGRO data that the center of our galaxy glows in gamma rays created by the annihilation of matter and antimatter.
    • Special care was dedicated to avoid the onset of exciton annihilation, which enabled us to reveal otherwise hidden energy transfer processes.
    • This means that matter-antimatter annihilation theoretically produces the maximum amount of energy from a given amount of mass.
    • When it comes to Anti-matter, the annihilation effect converts the particle or particles that are opposite the anti-particle.
    • They conclude that at the boundary of the domains it would be impossible to avoid matter-antimatter annihilation.