Translation of announcement in Spanish:


anuncio, n.

Pronunciation /əˈnaʊnsmənt/ /əˈnaʊnsm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    anuncio masculine
    I have an important announcement to make tengo un anuncio importante que hacer
    • in an official announcement en un comunicado oficial
    • It is anticipated that he will make an announcement on his intentions later this week.
    • However I'm not here to speak of failure, real or projected, but to make an announcement.
    • Keyes told a news conference Wednesday night that he would make an announcement by Sunday.
    • ‘We hope to make an announcement on how we intend to take this work forward in the autumn,’ she said.
    • The White House is expected to make an announcement within the next few days.
    • Trade Minister Mark Vaile is expected to make an announcement on Iraq's wheat debt tomorrow morning.
    • He will make an announcement next week, he says, that could alter the course of this country.
    • Mr Kucera confirmed he would make an announcement at the hospital on Tuesday but would not reveal its details.
    • He is expected to make an announcement in Parliament next week.
    • He is expected to make an announcement in the next few weeks.
    • Maybe as early as tomorrow, the president will make an announcement on his next pick.
    • Three weeks ago, he said he could not let it go beyond Easter to make an announcement about the next academic year.
    • Graham Smith says he is in negotiations with a number of new signings and has pledged to make an announcement within the next few weeks.
    • They had been expecting him to make an announcement about his new film, which will centre on his life story.
    • Ms Jowell is expected to make an announcement on the bid next week.
    • He is looking at a number of potential schemes that could be commercialised and hopes to make an announcement in the next month.
    • Transport secretary Stephen Byers is expected to make an announcement on the firm's future today.
    • I asked him to at least make an announcement for passengers to let them know what was happening.
    • Jordan may use the occasion to make an announcement following weeks of speculation about who would get the job.
    • I interviewed an impressive young man during the week and I hope to be able to make an announcement very soon.
  • 2

    (act of announcing)
    anuncio masculine
    the announcement that she would not be present el anuncio de que ella no asistiría
    • they awaited the announcement of the winner esperaban que se diera a conocer el nombre del ganador
    • Consequently, the relocation decision announcement may not be the first value relevant news.
    • The promised decision date of August 31 came and went without any announcement.
    • That announcement explains why the decision was made, but does not answer those particular questions.
    • They didn't give a time for this announcement, but I assume it will take place within the next few days.
    • We don't know for certain, and maybe the violence on Tuesday will affect the timing and content of that announcement.
    • The UBP's announcement is likely to throw the PLP onto the back foot.
    • The new Gallery is still open for your enjoyment, if you missed yesterday's announcement.
    • Clarke is yet to make a test debut for Australia, but this announcement is expected to make all the Clarke fans very emotional.
    • That is up to the Supreme Court now after today's surprise announcement from Washington.
    • They support the Premier's announcement of an inquiry into the issue.
    • These jobs were not part of the Government's decentralisation announcement in the December Budget.
    • Speculation on a move had died down recently, making yesterday's announcement all the more surprising.
    • So it was that nine families gathered at the Temple Bar Hotel, Dublin, to hear the all important announcement.
    • Mr Leslie insisted yesterday's announcement was nothing to do with the forthcoming regional assembly referendums.
    • ‘We knew something was up, but this announcement came out of the blue,’ he admitted.
    • Yesterday's announcement came as it was also revealed that the upper floor of the building is so dangerous it will have to be demolished.
    • Privately, few at the Record ever thought a sale would go ahead, and Thursday's announcement didn't come as a huge surprise.
    • The only real surprise in last week's announcement is that he would not stand for a fourth term.
    • I ran all the way to class, finally appearing as the morning announcements ended.
    • Death announcements are a regularly scheduled part of the daily official radio program.