Translation of annually in Spanish:


anualmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈænjuəli/ /ˈanjʊəli/ /ˈanjʊli/


  • 1

    cada año
    you pay a certain sum annually se paga una determinada suma por año / al año
    • The policy is reviewed every year and the training programmes are conducted annually.
    • It is said that annually hundreds of millions of dollars circulate as a direct result of this trade.
    • Millions of euro are spent annually by local authorities in cleaning up after littering.
    • Under present policy the county council is putting down as many as five hundred dogs annually.
    • The experts could see the breed improving annually with the top sheep brought in by the breeders.
    • The Maundy Service, which is held annually at a cathedral or abbey, dates back to before the Middle Ages.
    • Serious decay can occur at the base of branches and they must be inspected annually for fungal and bacterial damage.
    • The Britain in Bloom competition is conducted annually by the Royal Horticultural Society.
    • For mortgages, look outside the APR to see whether interest is calculated daily or annually.
    • Dengue fever occurs annually in Indonesia, with a peak occurring every five years.
    • It would probably cost you more to annually replace the tyres on your bike than drive a AX on the morning commute.
    • The society organised at least six such programmes in the city annually, he said.
    • Visitor numbers have increased annually, giving the local economy a fantastic boost, it says.
    • That may be partly down to the 190 cm of rain that falls here annually, plus the balmy west coast air.
    • They have long complained about being locked out of the negotiations at which their fate is decided annually.
    • Growers in these States will now be inspected annually for the symptoms of citrus canker.
    • While insurers pay over a billion dollars in claims annually, over 200 people are killed.
    • Elizabeth Fenn was one of the 300 people honoured annually by the Society for acts of bravery.
    • They were unable to put a figure on the total level of fees earned annually by the sector.
    • Only a handful of British couples annually succeed in adopting in America.