Translation of anodize in Spanish:


anodizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈænəˌdaɪz/ /ˈanədʌɪz/

transitive verb

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    • One of the most common metals that is anodized is aluminum.
    • The top and bottom of the reservoir are made of solid anodized blue aluminium with the exterior made from acrylic in a cylindrical shape.
    • Those produced in brass, anodized aluminum or galvanized iron impart a golden glow or a silvery shiver.
    • The handle is anodized aluminum and a nylon sheath allows you to tote it easily.
    • The best skillets I tested were heavy-gauge metal pans with stainless steel exteriors; they resisted scratches and dents better than either black enamel or anodized aluminum pans.
    • Lock-back knives have almost always been plain and black, but this time the aluminum handles are anodized to a pleasing blue color and tastefully embellished with a little scroll-work.
    • And it's much less sticky than regular anodized aluminum; we fried hamburgers in it all week with no fat, and the burned bits rubbed right off with a sponge.
    • Hard coatings exhibit a wear resistance greater than 10 times that of ordinary anodized aluminum.
    • These parts are being anodized or plated, and will be painted or powder-coated prior to assembly.
    • It is also suitable for removing paint, ink, anodized coatings, and titanium nitrate.
    • Zinc alloy castings exhibit clean as-cast surfaces which can be anodized, painted, chromated, polished, brushed or plated.
    • Aluminum pans that are lined with stainless steel or anodized (coated to make them scratch resistant) are also safe.
    • In addition, the trailers are anodized, which means they don't have to be acid washed, and come in three different satin colors, including onyx, sterling, and bronze.
    • They are hard anodized to resist wear, and in place of a primer is an extremely tough material that cushions the firing pin and is said to be good for 3,000 impacts.
    • Liners are usually made from titanium and can be anodized if desired.
    • It can be anodized in many colors and has low maintenance requirements.
    • The main wheels have been anodized and put aside for the time being.
    • Most aluminum used in visible parts of appliances is lacquered or otherwise coated, anodized or painted.
    • Another ‘selling point’ of the titanium instrument is that it can be anodised in a variety of different colours - including a rainbow effect.
    • Frames made of steel or aluminum, anodized and sometimes powder-coated, last virtually forever.