Translation of anoint in Spanish:


ungir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈnɔɪnt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • According to some reports, when they returned two days later to anoint his body, they found the tomb empty.
    • The women speculate on the stone and who will move it for them so they can anoint the body.
    • One traditional practice that is part of this belief system is anointing one's body with butter or ghee, a clarified butter used for cooking and other purposes.
    • Ritually anointing our hands is both a symbol of the renewal of creation as well as a spiritual cleansing in preparation for the work of the new day.
    • He begins by accepting the very dubious identification of her with the ‘woman who was a sinner’ and who anointed the feet of Christ.
    • For example, the body might first be anointed with oil to prevent water from seeping through the skin.
    • Achilles goes out to the wagon and takes two capes and a shirt for Hector's body, ordering his men to clean and anoint the body before Priam sees it.
    • When Mary Magdalene went to Jesus's tomb to anoint the body, she was shocked to find it empty.
    • An unsteady faith leads us back to the tombs, as it led Mary in her desire to anoint Jesus once more in death.
    • He sprinkled some of it on the altar seven times, anointed the altar and all its utensils, and the layer and its base, to sanctify them.
    • The bishop's prayer that speaks of the layer of regeneration of the Holy Spirit is given next as he lays a hand on the new Christians and anoints them on the forehead with holy oil.
    • Oil was used for anointing the objects in the tabernacle setting them apart for Gods use.
    • After death, bodies are rubbed and anointed to remove rigor mortis.
    • The first episode of the passion account is that of a nameless woman who anoints Jesus for burial, correctly recognizing his kingly identity and his approaching death.
    • Deeply ashamed and motivated by love and repentance, she anoints Jesus with oil and washes his feet.
    • Moses then took the anointing oil, anointed the Tabernacle, and all that was within it and consecrated it.
    • The Rev Derek Wooldridge anointed the baby with oil at her hospital bedside in Leeds before a donor was found.
    • In front of the altar, the priest anoints the child with the ‘oil of joy’ (blessed olive oil) on the forehead, breast, shoulders, ears, hands, and feet.
    • Following baptism, the child is anointed with a special oil and dressed in new clothing.
    • The priest anointed me with the oil of confirmation.