Translation of anomalous in Spanish:


anómalo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈnɑmələs/ /əˈnɒm(ə)ləs/


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    • If indeed a chemical reaction is taking place we have another very anomalous situation.
    • First, and most importantly, it will bring to an end an anomalous exception to the basic premise that there should be a remedy for a wrong.
    • The situation was in practical terms unenforceable and grossly anomalous.
    • Crime fiction offers a framework in which to pursue our curiosity about anomalous behaviour, it hooks us, as might a car crash on the motorway.
    • Media analysts tend to overlook how anomalous the existence of a big, central media is in this country.
    • It says the trial was too short, there was inadequate independent monitoring and technical reports and anomalous results.
    • And if you really are too stupid to understand it, how can you claim its findings are counterintuitive and anomalous?
    • For a country aspiring to join the European Union, to tolerate such behaviour was anomalous, he said.
    • If the survey year was anomalous, it could have thrown the trend line completely out of whack.
    • Firstly, these results are anomalous - they do not fit into the pattern established by previous studies.
    • Down through the ages philosophers and poets have mused on humankind's anomalous place within the natural order.
    • For this reason, such rights seem anomalous today, at a time when intervention in the name of human rights is prevalent.
    • The existence of two governing bodies is anomalous and detrimental.
    • There was some sort of anomalous weather pattern that went through eastern Pennsylvania.
    • His school still has more than 40 anomalous results and about three times the number of normal exam appeals.
    • They are framed as women first and politicians second, and they're seen as anomalous.
    • On the other hand, numerous human behaviours seem anomalous from the evolutionary point of view.
    • It was already known empirically that this was the case, but no one had been able to understand why this apparently anomalous behaviour should be so.
    • That would seem to be a very anomalous surprising kind of result.
    • Most climate scientists agree that this recent warming is anomalous, but debate continues about its source.