Translation of anonymous in Spanish:


anónimo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈnɑnəməs/ /əˈnɒnɪməs/


  • 1

    (donor/admirer/poem/gift) anónimo
    to remain anonymous permanecer en / conservar el anonimato
    • anonymous letter anónimo
    • One anonymous student raises the concern that women are overly sexualized in society.
    • Certainly the purpose of these tests is that they are anonymous and the identity of the riders does not come out in public.
    • People are not anonymous in cyberspace, as they construct identities that they use there.
    • The classic is called Everyman, it's from 1485, by an anonymous author.
    • My only clue was a reference, buried in the article, to a book title by this anonymous author.
    • There were calls from two anonymous people that may prove very useful, but I need them both to ring back and I really urge them to do so.
    • Then a letter arrives, on pink notepaper, from an anonymous woman who claims to have known Don 20 years previously.
    • They were almost impossible to censor and their authors were anonymous, so that retaliation against them was not possible.
    • It's an invaluable source of movie info, but like any site with anonymous user reviews, it's easily abused.
    • Thanks to the anonymous reader who tipped me off to the food trend piece.
    • Next to this biography, Phillips describes his own therapeutic dialogue with an anonymous patient.
    • The shop was analysed by an anonymous customer who judged them on things such as customer service and quality of shop layout.
    • The twelve-month-old cat was rescued from the moors by an anonymous walker and delivered to Moggies Cat Rescue two weeks ago.
    • I am staggered by the insensitivity of this anonymous writer in raising this issue in a public forum where it was read by Tara's parents.
    • As the anonymous reporter once said ‘never let the facts get in the way of a good story’.
    • At the same time, an anonymous couple have offered financial help.
    • Without disclosure of the security files, these individuals would remain anonymous.
    • We explained that the individual doctors would be anonymous.
    • In that, they are far from unusual, claims one Scottish manager who prefers to remain anonymous.
    • Individual benefactors, who wish to remain anonymous, have given generously.
  • 2

    (unnoticed, unexceptional)
    (person) anónimo
    (person) desconocido
    (place) desconocido
    an anonymous face in the crowd un rostro anónimo entre la multitud
    • In the past both have been fitful performers, outstanding one day anonymous the next.
    • We are not mechanical pieces of a political machine, individuals in an anonymous society.
    • And the seven women in black were anonymous because their robes made them so.
    • She stole a glance at the four in black, who remained anonymous, stoic, neutral.
    • Windowless, featureless, anonymous, it could only be a power station.
    • If I had an old cooker I can take it in my anonymous car to the tip for recycling.
    • I phoned Chris, my best friend when I was ten and now a Dublin journalist, and we staggered into an anonymous grey building.
    • At first it seems like any other grey, anonymous street but the further down you go, the more it feels like a gateway to another world.
    • The fact is, this is a distinctive vehicle in a very bland, anonymous and nondescript market.
    • They grew tall and anonymous, faceless obsidian columns studding the curved horizon.
    • Nobody wants or wishes to perish in an anonymous, faceless, globally uniform civilisation.
    • Their loyalty is to the Black Watch - not to some anonymous organisation.
    • I took my time in the shower, sang a few lines from some anonymous song, and painted my nails black.
    • Here it was; an anonymous glass door, swirls of coloured glass within a metal frame.
    • What had seemed an anonymous mob suddenly sprang into variety and colour.
    • The usual suspects were there along with an anonymous crowd of unknowns.
    • Scott McLean, an anonymous figure for most of the match, met Andy Roddie's low cross and prodded the ball home from close range.
    • He said we should never think we are unknown to Jesus, as if we were just a number in an anonymous crowd, but that each one of us is precious to him.
    • The lobby is inhabited by several anonymous figures in white jumpsuits and hoods wearing surgical masks.
    • Hardly anyone was aware of his gifts, he was totally anonymous, to many he was just that quiet guy in Accounts who never got laid.