Translation of another in Spanish:


otro, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈnəðər/ /əˈnʌðə/


  • 1

    (different, alternative)
    that is another matter eso es otra cuestión / cosa
    • I can't make it this weekend; another time, perhaps? este fin de semana no puedo, quizá(s) en otra ocasión
    • if you lose this job, you'll never get another one si pierdes este trabajo, no volverás a encontrar otro
    • another one of us/them otro de nosotros/ellos
    • you're confusing him with another friend of mine lo confundes con otro amigo mío
  • 2

    (in addition)
    (plural) otros
    (plural) otras
    another cup? ¿otra taza?
    • we need another three chairs nos hacen falta otras tres sillas / tres sillas más
    • I've never seen another car quite like it nunca he visto un coche igual
    • he could be another Picasso podría ser otro Picasso
    • only another ten miles to go solo faltan diez millas
    • there's room for another few here aquí caben unos pocos más
    • it's just another job es un trabajo como cualquier otro / como otro cualquiera
    • we've hit yet another problem nos hemos topado con otro problema (más)


  • 1

    (different, alternative)
    he says one thing and does another dice una cosa y hace otra
    • all these youngsters have, at one time or another, been in trouble with the police todos estos chicos han tenido, en algún momento, problemas con la policía
    • It is one thing to be out of the loop, quite another to have a different circle of thought altogether.
    • It is one thing to read of life on board his ship; it is quite another to live it.
    • We always got it right for the indoors but for one reason or another it never quite worked outdoors.
    • At least a point was gained from this game but on another day it could quite easily have been a nil return.
    • It is one thing becoming a member, quite another to be asked to actually play with the old boys.
    • It is one thing to possess an electric bulb yet it is quite another to make it light up.
    • It is one thing to know these facts, but another to try to implement them in daily hospital life.
    • He added that another possibility would be to block the road so it could not be used as a thoroughfare.
    • Also included is a one off story in which Red gets to see another possible future.
    • As with any habit, if you want to change it you must replace it with another habit.
    • There may be another person who has taken over, who is different but you don't know them.
    • Yet the protests that have erupted over the last few weeks show another outcome is possible.
    • There was no actual finding one way or another of fraud, wilful default or neglect.
    • It was followed by one of him with Nora, then one of him with Emy, and another of him and baby Gail.
    • It had belonged to another of the guards, and Peter had at first been loath to put it on.
    • Read another way, his words were a warning to Brown to keep his hands out of the contest.
    • We simply have to convince people that one way of using words is better than another.
    • He said he hoped to spend the night with his daughter before seeking another home this morning.
    • An article that referred to another publication for more details was not reviewed.
    • If you do not need immediate care, then you may be referred to another part of the NHS.
  • 2

    (in addition)
    would you like another? ¿quieres otro/otra?
    • another of us/them has been chosen han elegido a otro de nosotros/ellos
    • It is yet another of the many enigmas which surround this extraordinary building.
    • And this despite the fact that yet another of the bombs was at the end of the road on which we work.
    • After my shower I sat down to the piano and fumbled through another of those old songs we used to sing.
    • I went in on the off chance and discovered another of the harder to get Islay malts.
    • This week there was another of the endless line of surveys out about the way we live today.
    • It is another of those tiny groups of dots that punctuate the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.
    • Thanks for adding this to your faves, and for following yet another of my stories.
    • This concern is illustrated by another of his habitual metaphors, that of war as a game.
    • Terri was another of the girls who used to hang round the memorial on a Saturday afternoon.
    • Perhaps they can stage another celebrity boxing match between the two of them.
    • Today we were hit by another of those winter storms that are so common at this time of year.
    • The Italians tend to do one dive in the morning followed by another in the afternoon.
    • For the week of the exams, we would have a test in the morning and another in the afternoon.
    • I don't want to hear another word from anybody who thinks the way we live now is acceptable.
    • We ate small bits of malt loaf that I had chopped up and drank another energy drink.
    • Mrs Coffey then went straight back on to her computer without saying another word to him.
    • I take another drink but it makes me slightly dizzy, forcing me to retire to my bedroom.
    • We climbed in and didn't say another word until we were a block away from school.
    • The rain is lashing down, but if she does not go for a run, she will not have another chance this morning.
    • He is keen to stay and it is understood that he has already agreed terms for another two years.
  • 3

    I love another amo a otro/a otra
    • Mrs Hunt says financial reasons prompted her to share her eggs with another woman.
    • As long as I didn't have to share a room with another alkie and the telly was in English.
    • Theo had just had his lunch when I visited him in the room he shared with another man.
    • They talked for an hour or two before Kieran asked her if she had ever kissed another girl before.
    • The way he'd look at her in despair when she kissed or embraced another actor during a show.
    • He fooled the firm's staff by claiming he was another prisoner with whom he was sharing a cell.
    • Brett leaned over to place a quick kiss on her lips as he cut off another driver to the right of his original lane.