Translation of answer for in Spanish:

answer for

responder de, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (accept responsibility for)
    (conduct/consequences) responder de
    he'll have to answer for what he did va a tener que responder de / dar cuentas de lo que hizo
    • his parents have a lot to answer for sus padres tienen mucha culpa
  • 2

    (truth/integrity) garantizar
    (truth/integrity) responder de
    (person) responder por
    I'll answer for him yo respondo por él
  • 3

    (reply on behalf of)
    (others/colleagues) responder por
    (others/colleagues) contestar por
    I can't answer for everyone, but … no puedo responder / contestar por todo el mundo, pero …
    • let him answer for himself deja que conteste él mismo