Translation of answerable in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈæns(ə)rəb(ə)l/ /ˈɑːns(ə)rəb(ə)l/


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    to be answerable (to sb/sth) (for sth)
    • It is time to make it answerable for all its actions!
    • A government, a cabinet, has to reach collective decisions, and the person in charge - in this case the Prime Minister - must be answerable for those decisions.
    • A weblogger has an individuated track record, has ultimate responsibility for the final form of everything that appears in the main body of his site, and is individually answerable for it.
    • To him it means being personally answerable for everything that happens in government (and dismissing whomever he can blame).
    • Now you could argue that a political leader is not responsible for all the hopes invested in him or her, any more than Brad Pitt or Madonna are answerable for the dreams of their fans.
    • Because domestic controls could be deactivated, she believes the answer is to make internet service providers answerable for the access they allow.
    • However, past experience has shown us that the standards board is nothing but a toothless watchdog which fails to make people answerable for their actions.
    • Private bus operators are answerable for the loss to the State, students, unemployed and the daily wage earners.
    • Meanwhile it is not only competitors who are on the run, and not even the belated efforts to make coaches answerable for the cheating of their athletes.
    • The answer is they're not really part of the campaign, so no one knows who's answerable for those ads.
    • If they decide to knock down perfectly decent houses, that's their decision - they have to be answerable for that.
    • Chief executives come and go, never staying long enough to be answerable for their actions.
    • In trials, booksellers and publishers were often answerable for the actions of servants, shop workers, and family members, implying that the Stationer held ultimate responsibility.
    • Simply put, it means that you are answerable for your behavior, whether you are guiding a beginning student through initiation into Wicca, or performing a spiritual service for a complete stranger.
    • Finally, individuals also benefit from the more recent development of environmental rights established by international law, or may be answerable for international crimes also newly defined by international law.
    • In March 1864, the captain had a notice placed in the local papers that he would not be answerable for any debt contracted by his crew.
    • Ultimately Governors decide whether matters will be referred to the police and social services and are answerable for discharging their duty of care.
    • Mr Hawksworth argued that the conduct of the deputy headmaster was a perverted form of his duty of care towards the child, a flagrant breach of duty in a flagrant way and the Council was answerable for his conduct.
    • It is not premised on any culpable act or omission on the part of the employer; an employer who is not personally at fault is made legally answerable for the fault of his employee.
    • In theory, ministers decide and are answerable for policy.