Translation of answering machine in Spanish:

answering machine

contestador (automático), n.

Pronunciation /ˈænsərɪŋ məˌʃin/ /ˈɑːnsərɪŋ məʃiːn/


  • 1

    contestador (automático) masculine
    • The threat was recorded by a telephone answering machine and a case was opened at Park Road police station.
    • Don't record a message on your answering machine or voice mail that says you are gone.
    • The Data Protection Commissioner has received a number of informal complaints about a recorded message left on the answering machines of some companies last weekend.
    • He could dial in from any telephone and send a code signal to prompt the answering machine to replay its messages.
    • You are advised against recording a message on the answering machine telling people that you are on a holiday or away.
    • We bought an automatic answering machine for our telephone, since we were out so much.
    • The answering machine tape records Vinny chatting to the taxi driver.
    • After leaving messages on several answering machines, I start getting calls back.
    • Josh didn't answer the phone so Cody left a simple message on his answering machine.
    • During the day, I had the brilliant idea that we should call everyone I could think of and leave darling little messages on their answering machines.
    • When the family communicates, usually it's by email or messages on their answering machines.
    • First on the list has got to be people who don't leave messages on answering machines.
    • We tried mobiles, got answering machines and left messages we knew would not be heard until morning.
    • I learned of the news when my editor left a message on my answering machine in the early hours of the morning, asking me to come straight into work.
    • When I got into my apartment, there was a message on the answering machine from my mother.
    • As he walked by the phone in the den he saw that there were 3 messages on the answering machine.
    • Open the shades, listen to your answering machine messages and vow never to drink again.
    • And Mark, still hopelessly pursuing a woman in the office, leaves a message on her answering machine.
    • From the corner of my eye I noticed the message light on my answering machine was blinking.
    • I telephoned the postal sorting office about this delay and left a message on their answering machine, but no response.