Translation of answering service in Spanish:

answering service

servicio de mensajes, n.


  • 1

    servicio de mensajes masculine
    • The contact will then be put on hold, pending the attention of my automated answering service.
    • A phone caller to most county councils is greeted by an automatic answering service.
    • The virtual offices give client companies a Dublin address and phone number, telephone answering service, and a mail and fax forwarding service.
    • Computerised telephone answering services are pretty commonplace these days and many companies use them to streamline the processing of incoming calls.
    • I'd hardly call one vague message left on my answering service an attempt at communication.
    • She may have withdrawn her Web site, but her telephone answering service is still up and running, they say.
    • If he hears his own number, he knows there has been a call for him and he can get the message from a telephone answering service.
    • His business was registered to a London address and had a telephone answering service.
    • You can call my office number and the answering service will know how to get in touch with me.
    • Any personal calls will be handled by our answering service, which I believe you are familiar with.
    • Except we don't have one of those regular guys with an office and a secretary or at least an answering service that you can call at any time.
    • Two of the numbers listed for the Eastern Area office rang until they were directed to an answering service which didn't function.
    • They have answering services and a doctor checks their messages every hour!
    • I've had other patients leave messages on the office answering machine that were clearly emergencies instead of waiting for the answering service to pick up.
    • Late in 1999 the plaintiff left a message with the answering service of Professor Erskine, obviously complaining about attributions.
    • ‘It's the answering service,’ she told him, grabbing the handset and handing it to him.
    • Callers to the new number will access an electronic answering service which will record the details of incidents and allow information to be collected and collated by the council.
    • What this means is that any calls from anxious parents in the middle of the night would get forwarded from the clinic answering service to my home phone.
    • I have always thought that an automated answering service starts a customer's dialogue with a company off on the wrong foot.
    • She had some business calls she was expecting that she didn't want to leave to an answering service, or voice-mail.