Translation of ant in Spanish:


hormiga, n.

Pronunciation /ænt/ /ant/


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    hormiga feminine
    • The next time either of those two ants meet any other ant, the information they pass on will be different.
    • To scientists, that's as bizarre a finding as a queen bee spawning a colony of ants.
    • He has red hair, shouts incessantly and moves as though a colony of ants has invaded his tracksuit trousers.
    • Outside were long lines of ants and other small insects hanging around and seemingly without very much to do.
    • From schools of fish to a swarm of ants, animals exhibit extraordinary collective behaviour.
    • Farmers have traditionally used sugary solutions to attract red ants to feed on insect larvae.
    • I got home yesterday evening to find the kitchen absolutely swarming with ants.
    • You had to go barefoot in the temple, and with food offerings on the floor the place was swarming with ants.
    • He had tried to get out of the house, but there were ants swarming all over the door.
    • Some will give a colony of ants an extra push to bring sugar and food to it's families.
    • Two or three black ants would surround an enemy ant and bite it to death.
    • Bees belong to the third largest insect order which also includes wasps and ants.
    • Over at Peter's there has been talk of flying ants and mozzies that seem to be attacking us in their thousands this year.
    • Anteaters have long snouts which they thrust into ant-heaps in order to devour the ants or termites.
    • At this point the leading ants panic and backtrack to the safety of the swarm.
    • The ants were the most prolific of the insects we were likely to encounter daily.
    • The ants consume the honeydew as food, thus sustaining the life of both insects.
    • Then we discovered tool-using animals, chimpanzees using sticks to dig ants out of anthills.
    • Alternatively, an insecticide can be used that will simply kill the ants.
    • Today this woman called in very upset because she caught her little daughter eating ants.