Translation of anteater in Spanish:


oso hormiguero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæn(t)ˌidər/ /ˈantiːtə/


  • 1

    (ant bear)
    oso hormiguero masculine
    • In South America, anteaters evolved long sticky tongues that enable them to feed on ants and termites.
    • As the name suggests, anteaters eat ants and termites in vast quantities, sometimes up to 30,000 insects in a single day.
    • The prey of anteaters adheres to their long, sticky tongues.
    • The rainforest started to return - as did its creatures - deer, anteaters, capybaras and eagles.
    • But anteaters with longer tongues found more ants and so were able to better survive to have more, and healthier offspring.
  • 2scaly anteater

    pangolín masculine