Translation of antebellum in Spanish:


prebélico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæn(t)iˈbɛləm/ /ˌantɪˈbɛləm/


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    (esp en relación con la guerra civil norteamericana) prebélico
    • How democratic was the Democratic Party in the South during the antebellum and Civil War periods?
    • Parallels to antebellum America have been made repeatedly.
    • The antebellum decades were not all that terrific either.
    • The antebellum South was famous for its militarism.
    • In many respects it bears almost no relation to the type of state-sanctioned endemic slavery that existed in Ancient Rome and the antebellum American South.
    • In colonial and antebellum America, slaves could buy their freedom, but only with the acquiescence of their masters.
    • The antebellum South was a society founded on the traditional family of husband, wife, and children.
    • The slave narrative is the best single source we have for the lived experience of bondage in the antebellum period.
    • We had heirloom roses growing in our backyard that locals said had been planted during the antebellum days.
    • History buffs will want to visit the restored antebellum plantation house located to the north-east of Bradenton.
    • South Carolina is a state of palm trees, antebellum homes and genuine Southern charm.
    • It's interesting to me, Valerie, that you would choose to write about the antebellum era.
    • It may be that this story is unique to Louisiana in the late antebellum period, but this would hardly lessen the volume's significance.
    • His research explores the question of economic development within the slave economies of the antebellum American South.
    • Houses from the nineteenth century are similar to antebellum architecture of the American South, with verandas and classical columns.
    • The residents who profited most from Virginia's antebellum society, however, fought the hardest to maintain it.
    • The antebellum Southeast was without electricity, recorded music, television, movies, or radio.
    • The town's older buildings have gradually disappeared, but some physical reminders of the antebellum era remain.
    • During the last decades of the antebellum period, indeed, nearly half of Virginia's white migrants moved north.
    • The authors assert that the tariff was a crucial, if not the main, economic source of divisiveness during the antebellum era.