Translation of antelope in Spanish:


antílope, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæn(t)əˌloʊp/ /ˈantɪləʊp/

nounplural antelopes, plural antelope

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    antílope masculine
    • In South Africa, where an antelope called the bluebuck went extinct 200 years ago, three other big mammals have been brought back from the brink.
    • In eastern Africa, they mostly hunt Thomson's gazelles, but they will also attack calves, warthogs, zebras, impalas, and the young of large antelopes such as the gnu.
    • First described 200 years ago it is also now one Africa's most endangered antelopes despite being one of the most reproductive.
    • Our fathers used to hunt giraffes, water-bucks and antelopes and eat their meet.
    • The lion, sometimes called the King of the jungle, prefers killing antelopes while bushbuck are preferred by leopard.