Translation of antenna in Spanish:


antena, n.

Pronunciation /ænˈtɛnə/ /anˈtɛnə/

nounplural antennae

  • 1

    antena feminine
    • Lurking in these holes, the ants grab the legs and antennae of unsuspecting insects.
    • In these fossils, detail of legs, antennae, wings, and even small body hairs are preserved.
    • The only appendages that all crustaceans have in common is two pairs of antennae.
    • It was a female, as evidenced by its plump, rounded abdomen and thin antennae.
    • Without claws, spiny lobsters use their antennae to fend off predators.
  • (plural antennas)
  • 2

    Radio Television
    antena feminine
    • The interference involves a number of television antennas often used on boats.
    • Avoid contact with power lines connected to the house and with television antennas.
    • A closer look reveals unusual devices on its roof - satellite antennas to receive signals from space.
    • The plan was to build local telecommunications networks using antennas on customer buildings.
    • Dish antennas now receive more than fifty television channels via satellite signals.
    • There were no cable lines connected to the house, no antennas mounted on the roof, and no satellite in the yard.
    • Of course, all radios and antennas should be tuned for their best performance.
    • We suppose they are radio antennas beaming away their signal into the low grey sky.
    • And on the roof there was a red and blue light bar with a whole slew of antennas sticking out from the top.
    • Installation of the antennas and their associated cabling took about two hours.
    • We need agile radios whose antennas can point to other agile radios and not spread radio waves in every direction.
    • Radio tags on the market use bulky external antennas and cost about 30 cents and up.
    • Their mission changed from checking radios to checking the mounts and antennas.
    • Wireless calls can be received by a number of different antennas miles away from the caller.
    • It's a touch ugly, to be honest, with three external antennas on top of a small grey box.
    • To this day, Russian spacecraft tend to use separate antennas for each communications function.
    • Scaled down versions might serve as antennas for communications systems.
    • Moments later, automatic commands deployed its solar arrays and navigational antennas.
    • With the hilly terrain between the two antennas, the signal would encounter severe attenuation.
    • Those antennas are used as part of the U.S. Coast Guard communication system and have been for years.