Translation of anthology in Spanish:


antología, n.

Pronunciation /ænˈθɑlədʒi/ /anˈθɒlədʒi/

nounplural anthologies

  • 1

    antología feminine
    • A young football fan is to see her name in print and her soccer poem published in an anthology.
    • She notes that because much of today's market is dependent on college survey courses, among the volumes of poetry published, only anthologies can hope for mass-market success.
    • She has had poetry published in several anthologies, and short stories in a range of journals and magazines.
    • The winning posters will be printed and the best poems will be published in a special anthology, which will be distributed to schools across the county.
    • Other publishers were only publishing anthologies.
    • Penguin had earlier published an anthology on Delhi, part of a series of such collections.
    • This collection is an updated version of an anthology that was published a decade ago.
    • ‘I had been writing short stories for a while,’ she says, explaining that several were published in anthologies and magazines.
    • He has had numerous short stories published in magazines and anthologies.
    • The group plans to publish an anthology of their work in the summer.
    • My list is only a sample of the number of North American Italian anthologies that have been published in recent years and does not include the vast number of collections of critical essays.
    • It is to be found in many anthologies published there, several of which were, or are, used in schools.
    • The accomplished author has also written three children's books and published two anthologies.
    • What were the attitudes and aesthetics reflected in the flurry of anthologies published then?
    • And, two leading publishing houses came up with anthologies of exclusively new poems.
    • I always wanted to do a book of lost poems; I love anthologies of poems because you find these unexpected treasures in the middle of nowhere.
    • His poems stopped appearing in major American poetry anthologies, and his books went out of print and remained so.
    • Three of my books were banned along with an anthology of writing by black writers.
    • Publishers, agents and editors are always talking about how short story collections and anthologies don't sell very well.
    • She has taught writing in colleges across the country, and has continued to publish poetry in magazines and anthologies.