Translation of anti in Spanish:


en contra de, prep

Pronunciation /ˈæn(t)i/ /ˈænˌtaɪ/ /ˈanti/


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    en contra de
    he's completely anti the scheme está totalmente en contra del plan


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    en contra
    he's anti está en contra
    • The prospect of war has roused strong passions, drawing politicians and public figures into pro and anti positions.
    • It's almost like the worst moments of the pro / anti debate replayed in microcosm.
    • The report was compiled by a wide spectrum of scientists from both pro and anti lobby groups and was chaired by the government's chief scientist.
    • I thought the debate went from the pro argument to the anti argument.
    • Too often this debate is polarised into pro and anti camps, and this book does not help in this regard.
    • Lots of talk about auditing at the pro page, and the anti page had talk about some man that took over the world 75 million years ago?
    • But even in January 1975 the anti campaign still had an 8% edge.
    • This possibility has seemed so absurd, given the opinion polls, the press and the well-financed and efficiently organised anti campaign, that it has hardly seemed worth raising.
    • Helen is frankly public in her dislike of it, though Raenette's vote against the law in parliament means she is still the poster-child for the anti brigade.