Translation of anticompetitive in Spanish:


anticompetitivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæntikəmˈpɛtɪtɪv/ /ˌantɪkəmˈpɛtətɪv/


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    • These days we might describe it as an anticompetitive agreement between competitors - perhaps as an illegal cartel had modern anti-trust laws applied.
    • In the European Community, Article 81 of the Treaty prohibits agreements between undertakings which have an anticompetitive effect within the Community and which may affect trade between Member States.
    • Tying ‘per se’, as it is called, has been determined by the Supreme Court to be anticompetitive and illegal.
    • But the small promotions firm Nobody in Particular Presents is fighting back with a lawsuit charging anticompetitive business practices.
    • Equally disturbing is the apparent inability of antitrust law to come up with effective solutions to anticompetitive behavior.
    • The appeals court held that these deals were anticompetitive and illegal; they were undertaken for no other reason than to destroy Sun's marketing plan- and succeeded.
    • Earlier discussions have established that forward vertical integration can have competitive as well as anticompetitive effects in a market.
    • ‘Isn't there a societal value in being able to participate in a market undistorted by anticompetitive acts?’ district court judge Fredrick Motz asked yesterday.
    • In March, Japanese antitrust investigators found the company guilty of anticompetitive actions - again following complaints from AMD.
    • Mike Pettit, president of ProComp, an anti-Microsoft group, urged state and federal investigators to look into the matter as part of their ongoing lawsuit accusing Microsoft of anticompetitive practices.
    • The Recording Industry Association of America could find itself on the end of an anticompetitive lawsuit filed by Internet broadcasters.
    • This ignited competitive wars that were often resolved by mergers and other anticompetitive activities.
    • Implementing a transparency policy against the suspected anticompetitive practices, the Danish Competition Council began to collect price data - transaction prices, taken from invoices - and publish them on a quarterly basis.
    • But, we have filed suit against them for patent infringement and anticompetitive activities, which we believe have continued systematically for many years.
    • A system allowing full freedom of the press in which anticompetitive campaign laws and regulations were eliminated would not degenerate into ‘the law of the jungle’.
    • ‘This decline in part reflects the illegal, anticompetitive business practices of our primary competitor, remedies for which we are pursuing in the courts,’ said CFO Roy Goodman.
    • In Illinois, Republican Governor George Ryan just signed legislation that raises fines for anticompetitive behavior to as much as $250,000 per offense.
    • Shapiro thinks that lowering entry barriers should be the primary objective of the remedies, as a means of remedying the harm to competition caused by their anticompetitive conduct.
    • Resale price maintenance and exclusive dealing are simply assumed to have had anticompetitive effects and to have been adopted for such an illicit end.
    • The license fee, which is levied on every British household with a television and generates most of the BBC's funding, is under scrutiny by competitors who have long complained that the fee is an anticompetitive tax.