Translation of antiemetic in Spanish:


antiemético, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌæntiəˈmɛtɪk/ /antɪɪˈmɛtɪk/


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    • Progress has been made in the development of new anti-emetic drugs (emesis = vomiting), particularly the serotonin antagonists which are potent inhibitors of chemotherapy-induced vomiting.
    • Meta-analysis has documented the value of psycho educational information in reducing hospital length of stay; medical complications; use of pain, anxiety, and anti-emetic medications; and productive time lost after discharge.
    • She had been given anti-emetic medication before getting up, so the nurse gave her a cool cloth and sat holding her steady in a sitting, head-down position.
    • It isn't much fun in the dive boat with people throwing up all over you, and they can get narked on their cocktail of anti-emetic pills.
    • They wish to vomit in private and probably will refuse an anti-emetic medication.
    • ‘Until the development of rapid-onset anti-emetic drug delivery systems, there will likely remain a subpopulation of patients for whom standard antiemetic therapy is ineffective and who suffer from debilitating emesis.’
    • But today, through the proper use of anti-emetic drugs, you can stop nausea becoming a major issue, though you cannot get rid of it completely.
    • The authors concluded, ‘Because anti-emetic interventions are similarly effective and act independently, the safest or least expensive should be used first’.
    • Therefore, liberal use of anti-emetic agents provides substantial relief.
    • Premedication with appropriate anti-emetic therapy should be given as well as attention to appropriate hydration.
    • Lu never used expensive anti-emetic medicine as recommended by doctors, and got through six chemotherapy sessions.
    • The mechanism underlying ginger's anti-emetic activity is not clearly understood, but the aromatic, spasmolytic, carminative, and absorbent properties of ginger suggest it has direct effects on the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Worried about the side effects of the medication, Claudia researched the indications for use of the drug and found that it was an anti-psychotic, anti-emetic mental health prescription drug.
    • In a recent study, ginger failed to demonstrate an anti-emetic effect following laparoscopic surgery.
    • Its action on the dopamine-receptors in the chemo-emetic trigger zone produces an anti-emetic effect.


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    antiemético masculine