Translation of antifreeze in Spanish:


anticongelante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæn(t)iˌfriz/ /ˈantɪfriːz/


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    anticongelante masculine
    • Ironically, the freezing point of straight antifreeze is lower than antifreeze and water.
    • Are your headlights clean and plenty of water with antifreeze in your washer bottle?
    • Use the time to go get a jug of water or antifreeze.
    • Cars have used such a device for many years, with your radiator cooling the liquid, usually with a combination of antifreeze and water to keep the engine cool.
    • Half an hour later, the radiator was filled with water and antifreeze, and snow had been cleared away from the wheels.
    • Addition of water to ethylene oxide generates ethylene glycol used in antifreeze and the formation of polyester fibers.
    • A mixture of four parts water and one part antifreeze with a few drops of liquid soap should be placed in each cut out milk jug.
    • This helpful tank holds up to 5 gallons and allows you to flush water out and pump antifreeze into the system - even while trailered.
    • The key is polyethylene glycol, a liquid polymer similar to antifreeze.
    • Such large quantities mean that airports cannot simply release antifreeze with storm water into nearby rivers and streams.
    • In doing the cooling, one thing that a rider must not forget is the use of motorcycle antifreeze.
    • Pesticide products in pressurized cylinders, oil, antifreeze, tires, paints, varnishes, thinners, cleaners and solvents will not be accepted.
    • After changing antifreeze and motor oil, take them to your local garage for recycling.
    • Experts identified the mould as being antifreeze and de-icer from the base's runway.
    • Automotive products such as gasoline, oil and antifreeze should be stored in areas that are inaccessible to your pets.
    • Another common practice is the addition of automotive antifreeze to toilets and sink traps.
    • Problems will also arise if too much water mixes with the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or antifreeze.
    • Three empty five-gallon plastic drums containing residues of oil and antifreeze were abandoned nearby.
    • Cooling is by glycol, the same material in car antifreeze, refrigerated in another area of the brewery and circulated around containers as needed.
    • An ingredient in antifreeze and brake fluid, it is also a widely used moisture-carrying ingredient in cosmetics.